Saturday, September 22, 2012

My water is back!

I just got back from work and I am so tired, the weather is unbearably hot and my pot of beans is spoilt!Sad  I had serious plan for that beans o, and to think I used all that fish to cook it.  I guess it’s due to the heat, abi wetin dey cause beans to spoil again?  Now I have to start thinking of what to eat, maybe I will just drink the garri like that jare. Work was a bit hectic today, they had economics exams, and as usual, it was like a market square, everybody doing whatever it is they felt like doing.

Ehe, before I forget, we have our water back now, so no more having to walk a couple of miles with water on my head, hurrayToo Happy 2!  I guess God touched my evil and vile landlady and she realized the wickedness of her ways and decided to go pay the bills. Nevertheless, I made sure I fetched water in every available container I have, even my pot sef, in case the water decides to disappear again.
 here is what it looks like, so at least for the next couple of days i wont bother about fetching water. let me rest a little jare before i have to go out again. please dont forget to vote o, all you have to do is;

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please it ends tomorrow, i would really appreciate your votes. 
Thank you Thank You

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fetch Water

Hello my people o, it’s another beautiful day, I just got back from work and miraculously saw light in my house so I want to quickly blog sharp sharp before the light goes off and my internet connection is severed.  It’s raining cats and dogsRainy, and I don’t think my neighbours will put on their generator set if the light  goes off –am sure you people understand what I am talking about nah.

This morning was not funny o, I woke up and realized I dint have a drop of water in my house, meaning I had to go fetch waterPouty.  The thing is, my landlady has refused to pay our water bills, so we were cut off.  Now the closest place to go and fetch water from my house is quite a distance, and you know those mallams that help in fetching water abi?  Well, they don’t operate in my area –which is really annoying and very heartless of them Mean– like, do they not know that i might need water? so after a long and painful thinking-of-what-to-do-with myself session, I realized the only thing to it was to go fetch my water by myself, so off I went to fetch water and carry it through 2 flights of stairs all by myself.

Here’s what I looked like fetching water.  I look horrible right? i just remembered back in school,we used to pay certain women to fetch water and occasionally do our laundry, we called them FETCH WATER. I look like one of them in that picture. Well like my neighbor told me this morning;

 “Water no fit you to fetch at all”.

I actually believe him,you see, the thing is, I am meant to be rich in lifeyes, so it should not even fit me sef.  After I managed to fetch five of those all by myself, I gave up because my neck was threatening to give in if I dint stop immediately.

Anyway, i am off to bed. do have a lovely night rest.Kisses

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sad Me

Hey, hope you had a lovely night rest? I sure did myself. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because my neighbours dint put on their generator.Crazy 1 How does this affect my blogging abi? Well here is the thing; I make use of their wireless connection which comes on only when there is light, and knowing the eclectic power situation in our country, it usually means when their generator set in on. 

You might ask again why I am mooching off my neighbours, the thing is, I use a glo modem, and for some reason I am yet to understand, every time I recharge my modem, I only use it for a couple of days and then I am sent one annoying message telling me that my subscription has expired and I need to recharge again, can you just imagine the temerity of those people? As if my father is one baba olowo! You're Nuts So, I decided to let them be jare  and rely on my good and kind neigbours for internet access.

Anyway, I had a good yesterday. I wore my new dress to church and it fit me perfectly like I told you here’s how I looked, beautiful  right? BouquetEverybody –well almost everybody- said how beautiful I looked in church. I went to visit a friend after church and I ate the best pepper-soup I had eaten in a very long time, then GOD answered one of prayer requests. In general, it was a lovely day for me. 

School resumed today, and I was not looking forward to it at all, but we have to pay bills, so I had to  go to work. woh, let me post this before my neigbours turn off their generator set.

I wish you all a lovely day.Thank You

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, today has come and gone.  All Thanks be to God.  It was another lovely and idle day for me.  Idle not because I had nothing to do, but idle because I wasn’t allowed to do anything.  Yesterday, I said I had to invigilate an examination, but I wouldn’t really call it invigilation as such, since there really wasn’t much to invigilate.  Immediately the students were given their question papers, they were given the answers along with it all solved for them; all they had to do was pay 1000 naira each.  Can you imagine that?  the moral decadence of our generation! So all I did basically was sit and watch them cheat. 
Well, in my idle state, I decided to find a way of keeping myself busy and I came up with the idea of “baptizing” my blog.  It sounded so plain and just there, and I decided to make it a little more interesting, hence the name “musings of an esoteric woman” I actually thought of “musings of an abysmal esoteric”, I like the way it sounds.  It makes me sound really intelligent -which I am by the way- but I settled for the former.  What do you think?

Meanwhile, please dont forget to vote for me . just go to and type on numbers14,17 and 20

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello my country people o, I've been In such a good mood today. I don't know why, I guess its because there's no work tomorrow. Backpack

Anyway,i had a boring day at work today, I actually slept all through today,i just arranged a couple of seats together and my handbag served as my pillow. Its not because am lazy sha,its just that school is yet to resume so the students are still at home enjoying themselves,but my wicked boss insists we come to school everyday and just admire each other,and when its 1'o clock,we go home.

After school, I went to my tailors' to collect my clothes,and I felt like a kid receiving his Christmas gift. I've not sewn a dress in about 3 years, so I was pretty much excited about this one,I know its nothing to be excited about,but like I said I've been in a good mood today and more-so, its been a while since I had a new dress. That's the dress there, I know it doesn't look so beautiful from here, but it is, and it fits perfectly. Did I tell you it cost me an arm and a leg? yeah it did, tailors are so expensive these days eh,or maybe its because I've not been to one in a while

I am off to bed,i will have a busy day tomorrow, I am invigilating the on going GCE exams,and they havemaths tomorrow. its going to be a busy day for me.

Have a lovely night.Na-na-na-na

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nigerian Blog Awards 2012: Pls, ejoor, biko, abeg… Nominate chukwu onyinye's blog for an award with naija blog awards” ooohh

Its time for the Nigerian Blog Awards 2012 and nominations are now open.
Naijatreks aspires to win in the “Best New blog,best personal blog” and “Best relationship blog” categories.
Please, ejoor, biko, abeg… kindly nominate Naijatreks for these two categories oooh.
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please it ends on the 23rd of Sept, so hurry!

Thanks in advance oooo.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I got this from a Bella naija post. Enjoy.
I am not sure if this is just my way of ranting or if I will get any valuable advice but I really pray that I get some good advice because I have reached my breaking point.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Should I stay or run?

“I´m dating a Nigerian guy, but I don´t know if he is Igbo or Yoruba. The thing is, he is extremely romantic, sweet, likes to cook, clean, etc. but he gets angry for small things. He has to have the last word for everything... Including my hair color and style, the nail´s color, clothes, friends, etc... He controls everything... Common! He is very religious and smart but the last thing he did was he showed me a picture of the wedding dress he wants me to wear... I´m confused because he is a mix of romance and control at the same time, but he respects me and pampers me too much.. SHOULD I RUN AWAY OR STAY??”

 This is a mail that was sent to Myne Whitman on her blog romance meets life. There were quite a number of comments, people telling her to be careful and generally giving their own piece of advice. There were also a couple of comments which I totally do not agree with, but we will get there later. I have a couple of issues with her mail that I would like to discuss before we get to the main question. Firstly, “you don’t know if he is Igbo or Yoruba”? Seriously! Then what do you know about him? These are the basics of friendship, not to even talk about a relationship, it’s like saying you don’t know his name or where he lives! Its one of two things; its either you are not committed enough to even bother about the little details of his life, or he is hiding something from you, which is a sign of trouble or better still, you are both in it for the wrong reasons, which means your foundation is shaky, you gotta fix that first before any other thing.

 Now to the main issue; ‘should you stay or away’? I would say RUN! Most people in their comments said it was all up to her to decide, but that isn’t advice as far as I am concerned, if she knew what to do, I don’t think she would have asked for advice, so I am adding my own little advice for what it’s worth: FLEE AWAY FROM HIM AS FAR AS YOUR LEGS CAN CARRY YOU! From your description, he sounds like a control freak and you know what happens when they don’t get their way, they get physical really violent. Some people, as seen in the 2 comments below see nothing wrong in it.

“i don't see any problem here or in ur relationship, are u not happy with him, the man is always in control, i mean he is the head pls go ahead & enjoy ur respect & pamper as for the anger that is his shortcoming, if he is managing urs knowing fully well that u re not perfect then manage his also, for me from what u describe him to be, he is the relax ur nerves & enjoy him.”


“i want u to know that it is love that is making him to control u in that way and why u re still seeing the whole thing the way u re seeing it is because u have not calm down and ur mind is not settled yet, pls all u need to do is just to be submissive and relax. he is inlove and when real men are inlove the are always incontrol and incharge, he is even better than those ones that will pretend and marry 2moro u will start seeing a different person entirely for me he is okay, stop those little things that makes him angry and also work on urself too.the next person will definitely not be the best,what u have is better than what u re dreaming of, for me pls stay where u re he is okay.”

 After all, he is the man and so should be in charge, which I think is true, but there has to be a balance, there has to be room for compromise, a middle ground. It’s obvious she has no say in this relationship and her voice doesn’t count. I did a piece on compromising in relationships, find it HERE. One has to know where to draw the line and say enough is enough and in this case, enough is indeed enough. Does she even have a say in what kind of food she eats or does he still decide that for her? As women, we sometimes appreciate a certain amount of authority and assertiveness in a man, I don’t know the rationale behind that, but I occasionally find it sexy and appealing, but like I said, OCCASIONAL, not when it becomes demeaning and suffocating. “He even picks her friends”, jeez! That’s just the height of it.

 My dear girl, there is nothing to be confused about, I get that you enjoy being pampered, but be careful lest you be pampered and choked to death. BTW, I refuse to believe that he respects you, because if he did, he wouldn’t treat you this way, he wouldn’t run your life, he would seek and value your opinions, he would respect your choices and give u a little breathing space and most importantly, he will let you pick your own freaking wedding dress!!!

Nevertheless, before I crucify the guy, I would like to know one thing, because she dint say anything about it in her mail: have you discussed this with him? Does he know how you feel? Do you make him feel like you are enjoying it all? If you are yet to discuss these with him, then please do so before taking any decisions. However, if you have discussed this with him and he sees no problem, then my dear, I would advise you to eh… take the nearest keke napep and run for dearest life.

I rest my case.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Handwriting And You

I was writing a piece recently, and a colleague wanted to look at it. when i gave it to him, i realized he could barely read what i wrote, my handwriting is really terrible and embarrassing and its barely intelligible. like,it twists in funny ways and goes in different directions. I decided to see what the science people had to say about me and my handwriting so I took a little's my result;

 1."You are sometimes a very energetic person, but you are sometimes quite lethargic. You're moody, prone to ups and downs, and you don't have a lot of endurance.

 2.You range from very outgoing to very shy. You are a shape shifter who is very versatile. You adapt well, and you look at things from many angles.

3.You are very detail oriented and meticulous. You are a careful thinker and a true intellectual.

 4.You need a lot of space in your life, and it's easy for you to feel stifled. You avoid commitment and responsibility whenever you can.

5.You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

6.You are a poor communicator. No one really knows exactly what you're getting at."

 I don't think all of it is true sha, although a lot of it is on point. here's a little article i saw on how to know what your handwriting says about you. check and see how true it is;

 1. SIZE Small handwriting- research-oriented, good concentration, methodical, not always social Large handwriting- people oriented, outgoing, outspoken, love to entertain and interlock Right in the middle- you like to be with people, but value your own time

 2. SPACING Good deal of space- you need your freedom, to do things in your own time, don't like to be overwhelmed or crowed. Very little space- it shows a tremendous about of irritability and constant pressure on yourself

3. HOW LETTERS ARE SHAPED Rounded letters- indicates creativity, artistic abilities (writing, painting, acting, etc.) Pointed letters- shows you are more aggressive, intense, very intelligent, curious Connected letters- you are logical, systematic, make decisions carefully

4. LOOPING Loopy handwriting- very social individual, huge imagination, sensitive to criticism Not loopy- more isolated, reclusive, within themselves

5. DOTTING YOUR I's Right over the I- attention to detail, organization, emphatic in what you say or do High over the I- shows great imagination To the left- procrastinator Circle your I's- visionary, child like Slashing it- overly self-critical, don't have a lot of patience for inadequacy or people that don't learn from their mistakes, irritation

 6. CROSSING YOUR T's Right in the middle- you are personally safe Short crosses- shows a lack of determination Long crosses- great determination and enthusiasm, can be stubborn Very top of T- you're an idealist, ambition, good self-esteem Cross downward at the top- you dominate your environment, authoritative nature

7. O's Open- you are talkative, social, able to express your feelings, have little secrecy Closed- you are very personal, limited sharing of your personal feelings, introvert

8. LEAD IN'S OR EXCESS FLOURISHES Lead in's (or excess flourishes) - shows family orientation is important to you Lack of lead in's (or excess flourishes)- you tackle problems in a direct, practical way, unhampered by sentimentality

 9. MARGINS Writing all over the page- you can't relax, constantly thinking Left hand margin- you live in the past Right hand margin- you are always looking towards the future

 10. PRESSURE Tremendous pressure- very intense, may have some evil qualities, aggressive, blow up easily Average or light pressure- laid back, go with the flow

 11. DOODLES Boxes- you need structure, stability and order Flowers- idealistic, romantic, creative Triangles- perfectionist, structured, people that feel stuck- don't risk easily Circles- dreamer, creative, takes thinks personally, visionary Smiley faces- illusionary, wanting life to be beautiful, optimistic Color inside the box or shape- you are very intense, serious, worrier, can suggest sign of temper because of tension or frustration

12. PUNCTUATION MARKS Lots of exclamation marks- ego is involved, you want to be understood, passionate

13. SLANT If you write upward- you tend to be optimist, hopeful, honest, ambitious, motivated If you write downward- you tend to be negative, slightly depressed, dishonest

 14. SPEED If you write things quickly- you are impatient, dislike delays or time wasters If you write slowly- more organized, more methodical, more self reliant

15. SIGNATURE (this is your public self image!) Legible- shows integrity, confidence, leadership, open to show your true self Not legible- very private person, hard to read or understand.

 like i said earlier,i don't totally buy it, although they are sometimes accurate.