Saturday, September 22, 2012

My water is back!

I just got back from work and I am so tired, the weather is unbearably hot and my pot of beans is spoilt!Sad  I had serious plan for that beans o, and to think I used all that fish to cook it.  I guess it’s due to the heat, abi wetin dey cause beans to spoil again?  Now I have to start thinking of what to eat, maybe I will just drink the garri like that jare. Work was a bit hectic today, they had economics exams, and as usual, it was like a market square, everybody doing whatever it is they felt like doing.

Ehe, before I forget, we have our water back now, so no more having to walk a couple of miles with water on my head, hurrayToo Happy 2!  I guess God touched my evil and vile landlady and she realized the wickedness of her ways and decided to go pay the bills. Nevertheless, I made sure I fetched water in every available container I have, even my pot sef, in case the water decides to disappear again.
 here is what it looks like, so at least for the next couple of days i wont bother about fetching water. let me rest a little jare before i have to go out again. please dont forget to vote o, all you have to do is;

- Fill your name and email into the text boxes provided
- Scroll down to options 14,17 and 28 and fill ‘’ into text boxes provided.
- Click Submit
- Finally, a confirmation email will then be send to your box. You have to open this mail and click the provided link to confirm you are the one placing the vote.
please it ends tomorrow, i would really appreciate your votes. 
Thank you Thank You