Saturday, March 30, 2013

There’s only one person that would have separated us – P-Square

P-Square1In an interview with Showtime, the eccentric twins that make up pop group, P-Square, spoke exclusively about their busy schedules, music and the only person that would have made him split with his brother.

You are always on the road, how many days do you guys have to yourselves?
We have been trying as much as possible to create  time for ourselves. But most times, we don’t get it. We need more time to rest because performing for 2-3 hours on stage is not usually an easy task. Despite the fact that we have been traveling over the world, we took a break in January, and right now, we have resumed business again.

Chude Jideonwo: A Good Friday Message: We will have to kill ‘God’ [New Leadership Series]

I came across this article on-line today and I think its a good read, its lengthy, but take your time; its really worth it. I promise.

I am a Christian. In expressing that identity, I align myself with the new dispensation of Christianity that is Pentecostal; described aptly by the strategist Leke Alder as “generally creative in approach, aggressive, uninhibited and resourceful”.
I am a born-again Christian. A tongue-speaking, Christianese-loving, church-working Christian. I love God with all my heart.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria that can immediately mean that I cannot be trusted, that I have no integrity and that I will in no way act like Christ. But this is not the fault of those who see us in this way; it is our fault; us Christians who have perverted the Gospel we are supposed to share.

“I am tired of talking about Odemwingie” – West Brom manager, Steve Clarke

Odemwingie_Clarke appears the end of Peter Osaze Odemwingie’s career at West Brom is nigh, as his manager Steve Clarke, has declared that he is bored with the whole saga and does not want to talk about the striker anymore.

A Terrible Good Friday...

Dozens of penitents were nailed to crosses in the Philippines on Friday in an annual re-enactment of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Hundreds more whipped their backs bloody as penance or thanksgiving throughout the predominantly Catholic country on Good Friday, which marks the day Jesus died on the cross.

The Good Friday rituals are the highlight of Easter celebrations in the Philippines, where more than 80 per cent of the estimated 94 million people are Roman Catholic.

Thousands of devotees and tourists flocked to San Fernando city in Pampanga province, 60 kilometres north of Manila, where more than 30 men had signed up to be nailed to crosses.

Wilfredo Salvador, a 57-year-old fishpond worker, said he began to join the crucifixions seven years ago as thanksgiving “for all the miracles” in his life.

“I also want to atone for my sins,” he said after 7.5-centimetre nails were hammered to his palms in the village of San Juan. “God has been good to me and I want to thank him.”

Salvador said he will have himself crucified every year for as long as he can: “I will accept whatever the Lord gives me and I will sacrifice as long as my strength allows me.”

The Roman Catholic Church frowns on the bloody rituals and has urged devotees to instead participate in masses, vigils and other official celebrations in their parishes.


Photos by Reuters/AFP

“We Are Coming For You” – Robbers Write Residents In Ogun State

    Residents of Lambe area of Ogun state have received an audacious letter from some fearless robbers urging them to give them a welcoming hospitality when they attack their community in the coming days.

    The daredevil men of the underworld who described themselves as friends of the community said in the letter written in Yoruba language and pasted conspicuously on many walls on Akin Akindele, Community Road and Jelili Popoola Streets, that they are coming ‘very soon’ and are not afraid of the police or other security agencies.

    The letter reads, “You residents of this area be prepared to receive your friends very soon. If you like, inform the police or your security men or OPC, you will just lose your lives. What is important is to cooperate with us and to get ready to give us a warm welcome,” the robbers said in the short letter.

    “If you like, inform the police or your security men or OPC, you will just lose your lives,” they warned.

    The letter ends with these words, “We your friends, robbers”.

    Panic and confusion had since enveloped the community with a resident describing Lambe as ‘the playground of armed robbers.’

    “Lambe has become the play ground of armed robbers. Incessant robbery attacks have forced landlords to flee the area and are now tenants in other places,” he said, pleading that his name should not be mentioned.

    Landlords and tenants in the area are so confused that they do not know what to do and are prepared for the worst. Due to fear of the unknown, residents of the community are so scared to talk about the issue.

    A resident, who does not want his name disclosed, said he will not inform the police as there might be mass killings.

    “Besides, the police and the OPC cannot be trusted because they may be aware of their coming and will not do anything,” he said.
    A female resident said her family will relocate from the community this week. She said her family needs money to celebrate Easter, explaining that the residents are worried because of the lack of security in the country.

    She revealed that none of the residents wants to talk about it because “the robbers might be living among us.”
    “ I have warned my husband to stay away from this matter because you do not know who is who in the area, “she said.

    Another resident in the community said since they received the letter, most residents do not sleep again at night and the landlords and tenants are afraid to even inform the police or talk about it because those behind the letters could be among them.

    According to information made available to DailyPost, one of suspects behind the impudent letters was arrested in the night at about 1.00 am and handed over to the police at Ajunwo Police Division.

    However, efforts to reach the station’s DPO were futile as his phone rang endlessly unanswered.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kim Kardashian tweets about Nigerian women...

Check out her tweet above.
It appears that Nigerians will not be forgetting reality TV star, Kim Kardashian’s recent visit to Africa’s most populous country any time soon. From disagreements on her appearance fee to the relevance, she reportedly didn’t stay more than 45 minutes in the country where she was billed to host Darey Art Alade’s show, Love Like A Movie.