Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Handwriting And You

I was writing a piece recently, and a colleague wanted to look at it. when i gave it to him, i realized he could barely read what i wrote, my handwriting is really terrible and embarrassing and its barely intelligible. like,it twists in funny ways and goes in different directions. I decided to see what the science people had to say about me and my handwriting so I took a little's my result;

 1."You are sometimes a very energetic person, but you are sometimes quite lethargic. You're moody, prone to ups and downs, and you don't have a lot of endurance.

 2.You range from very outgoing to very shy. You are a shape shifter who is very versatile. You adapt well, and you look at things from many angles.

3.You are very detail oriented and meticulous. You are a careful thinker and a true intellectual.

 4.You need a lot of space in your life, and it's easy for you to feel stifled. You avoid commitment and responsibility whenever you can.

5.You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

6.You are a poor communicator. No one really knows exactly what you're getting at."

 I don't think all of it is true sha, although a lot of it is on point. here's a little article i saw on how to know what your handwriting says about you. check and see how true it is;

 1. SIZE Small handwriting- research-oriented, good concentration, methodical, not always social Large handwriting- people oriented, outgoing, outspoken, love to entertain and interlock Right in the middle- you like to be with people, but value your own time

 2. SPACING Good deal of space- you need your freedom, to do things in your own time, don't like to be overwhelmed or crowed. Very little space- it shows a tremendous about of irritability and constant pressure on yourself

3. HOW LETTERS ARE SHAPED Rounded letters- indicates creativity, artistic abilities (writing, painting, acting, etc.) Pointed letters- shows you are more aggressive, intense, very intelligent, curious Connected letters- you are logical, systematic, make decisions carefully

4. LOOPING Loopy handwriting- very social individual, huge imagination, sensitive to criticism Not loopy- more isolated, reclusive, within themselves

5. DOTTING YOUR I's Right over the I- attention to detail, organization, emphatic in what you say or do High over the I- shows great imagination To the left- procrastinator Circle your I's- visionary, child like Slashing it- overly self-critical, don't have a lot of patience for inadequacy or people that don't learn from their mistakes, irritation

 6. CROSSING YOUR T's Right in the middle- you are personally safe Short crosses- shows a lack of determination Long crosses- great determination and enthusiasm, can be stubborn Very top of T- you're an idealist, ambition, good self-esteem Cross downward at the top- you dominate your environment, authoritative nature

7. O's Open- you are talkative, social, able to express your feelings, have little secrecy Closed- you are very personal, limited sharing of your personal feelings, introvert

8. LEAD IN'S OR EXCESS FLOURISHES Lead in's (or excess flourishes) - shows family orientation is important to you Lack of lead in's (or excess flourishes)- you tackle problems in a direct, practical way, unhampered by sentimentality

 9. MARGINS Writing all over the page- you can't relax, constantly thinking Left hand margin- you live in the past Right hand margin- you are always looking towards the future

 10. PRESSURE Tremendous pressure- very intense, may have some evil qualities, aggressive, blow up easily Average or light pressure- laid back, go with the flow

 11. DOODLES Boxes- you need structure, stability and order Flowers- idealistic, romantic, creative Triangles- perfectionist, structured, people that feel stuck- don't risk easily Circles- dreamer, creative, takes thinks personally, visionary Smiley faces- illusionary, wanting life to be beautiful, optimistic Color inside the box or shape- you are very intense, serious, worrier, can suggest sign of temper because of tension or frustration

12. PUNCTUATION MARKS Lots of exclamation marks- ego is involved, you want to be understood, passionate

13. SLANT If you write upward- you tend to be optimist, hopeful, honest, ambitious, motivated If you write downward- you tend to be negative, slightly depressed, dishonest

 14. SPEED If you write things quickly- you are impatient, dislike delays or time wasters If you write slowly- more organized, more methodical, more self reliant

15. SIGNATURE (this is your public self image!) Legible- shows integrity, confidence, leadership, open to show your true self Not legible- very private person, hard to read or understand.

 like i said earlier,i don't totally buy it, although they are sometimes accurate.