Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well, today has come and gone.  All Thanks be to God.  It was another lovely and idle day for me.  Idle not because I had nothing to do, but idle because I wasn’t allowed to do anything.  Yesterday, I said I had to invigilate an examination, but I wouldn’t really call it invigilation as such, since there really wasn’t much to invigilate.  Immediately the students were given their question papers, they were given the answers along with it all solved for them; all they had to do was pay 1000 naira each.  Can you imagine that?  the moral decadence of our generation! So all I did basically was sit and watch them cheat. 
Well, in my idle state, I decided to find a way of keeping myself busy and I came up with the idea of “baptizing” my blog.  It sounded so plain and just there, and I decided to make it a little more interesting, hence the name “musings of an esoteric woman” I actually thought of “musings of an abysmal esoteric”, I like the way it sounds.  It makes me sound really intelligent -which I am by the way- but I settled for the former.  What do you think?

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