Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fetch Water

Hello my people o, it’s another beautiful day, I just got back from work and miraculously saw light in my house so I want to quickly blog sharp sharp before the light goes off and my internet connection is severed.  It’s raining cats and dogsRainy, and I don’t think my neighbours will put on their generator set if the light  goes off –am sure you people understand what I am talking about nah.

This morning was not funny o, I woke up and realized I dint have a drop of water in my house, meaning I had to go fetch waterPouty.  The thing is, my landlady has refused to pay our water bills, so we were cut off.  Now the closest place to go and fetch water from my house is quite a distance, and you know those mallams that help in fetching water abi?  Well, they don’t operate in my area –which is really annoying and very heartless of them Mean– like, do they not know that i might need water? so after a long and painful thinking-of-what-to-do-with myself session, I realized the only thing to it was to go fetch my water by myself, so off I went to fetch water and carry it through 2 flights of stairs all by myself.

Here’s what I looked like fetching water.  I look horrible right? i just remembered back in school,we used to pay certain women to fetch water and occasionally do our laundry, we called them FETCH WATER. I look like one of them in that picture. Well like my neighbor told me this morning;

 “Water no fit you to fetch at all”.

I actually believe him,you see, the thing is, I am meant to be rich in lifeyes, so it should not even fit me sef.  After I managed to fetch five of those all by myself, I gave up because my neck was threatening to give in if I dint stop immediately.

Anyway, i am off to bed. do have a lovely night rest.Kisses