Friday, April 26, 2019

The Battle Hetween the Head and the Heart

We know that in relationships and when faced with problems men tend to think with the logical left side of the brain, and women, with

Reality Vs Theory

I came across this write up and it rang so true, but almost impossible. In theory, we sprout sayings and relationship "do's" and "don'ts"

Monday, September 17, 2018

After a Long Hiatus...

Wow, where to start from. A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything here. Since then I have survived a life threatening event , my house almost burned down, near misses of accidents, financial loss, met new and wonderful friends , lost weight and gained it back, gotten a new niece,

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Forbidden Lines

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I once swore to forever forgo the memories of my inglorious days, but devastation has drenched my heart with tears of pain and these tears have become enough provocation for me to renounce my outlandish oaths.
Today, I remember the stalker who plucked my tenderness, who replaced my scent with mess and

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In matters of love, should you follow your head or your heart?

Use your head B, your heart will catch up eventually. The heart has no place in deciding the affairs of marriage. " These were the words of advice so wisely offered to me by my newly married male friend Bode when I presented to him a relationship dilemma. The problem with this seemingly Sage advice is that I think with my heart,  not my head, as do a lot of women in relationships.
We know that in relationships and when faced with problems men tend to think with the logical right side of the brain, and women, with the much more emotional right side of the brain.
I'm in a relationship fix right now. My head argues that he's matured enough age wise, he's got a good job, he's Nice -albeit a little boring and predictable - he's obviously ready to settle down and he's totally obsessed with me. The thing is, my heart says a big NO!  There no chemistry whatsoever ,there are no butterflies in my stomach, there's no thrill, he just doesn't... Do it for me. In essence, there is no tza tza tzu in the pit of my stomach.
So I'm really torn about what to do. Do I act logical like Bode advised and listen to my head,  or do I wait for that feeling in my heart that tells me when something feels wrong or right, that little tug in the pit of my stomach? Is there a middle ground, a meeting point for logic and emotion to agree in a relationship?
When it comes to a relationship, is it better to use your head or your heart?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Building Future Writers...

A couple of weeks ago, as an incentive to tun my pupils into little 'Chinua Achebes' and 'Chimamanda Adichies', I promised to upload some of the best writings to my blog, and read the comments to them in class. so please, be very effusive in your comments and commendations.

This one is from Fiyin Ogundipe, she's nine years old, and in grade five.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

ABIKE (For Oluwayemi)...

YAY! My very first guest writer. This is a poem written by someone I consider immensely talented. I know you will enjoy this;

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ABIKE (for Oluwayemi).

If I search the sanctum of Ajiun
If I clamp Ogun at all of his sight
If I bark at Orunmila and the giant sun god,
I will never find sweetness of your magnitude.
If I dance around with Opele

Friday, January 27, 2017


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Its been exactly a year since I posted anything here. I have been extremely busy, although thats an excuse that sounds feeble even to my ears. but suffice it to say, I AM BACK FOR GOOD!

I have decided to entertain guest writers, as a form o my repackaging and re-branding

Sunday, January 10, 2016


A while ago, a friend came to see me, and screamed after see the 700 or so novels in my room. We got talking about it, and she encouraged me to give writing a try, and since I have always harboured a secret longing to be the next Chimamanda Adichie, I decided to give it a try. Please review with love.


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 Look Itohan’ I started,
I am officially sick and tired of being a girlfriend o, I want to be wifed already for Pete’s sake! For the past four weeks now I’ve been attending weddings and getting some really annoying looks from those old women, some of them even have the temerity to come and ask me when they will eat my own rice, as If rice is their problem.’
Itohan bursts out laughing,
 abeg , kamsi don’t make me choke on this food biko. So what did you tell them?
‘What will I tell them again?  I told them to send their sons to me if they so desperately wish

Check Out The Viral Advert A Woman Did For Her Missing Husband. lol

This is what happens when you mess with the wrong woman. A woman who is probably tired of her man cheating on her devised a viral means of controlling him and also letting the public know that her "dog is missing".

Indeed hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. lol