Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Proud mothers who breastfeed children as old as FIVE pose in striking picture series as they defend their decision not to wean their kids

Mothers who breastfeed their children for longer than a year want others to know that they're not doing it just to make a point - they're doing it to connect with their children.
Photographer Natalie McCain from Rockledge, Florida, set out to spotlight these moms with her new black-and-white series, which depicts her subjects breastfeeding their toddlers and even elementary school-aged children.
Titled 'We are not “still” nursing, we are just nursing', the series also includes stories and anecdotes from the proud parents, who discuss the backlash they've faced as well as the incredible bonding they experience while breastfeeding until their kids are aged two, three, and even five.

In it for the long haul: In a series called 'We are not “still” nursing, we are just nursing', photographer Natalie McCain spotlights mothers who continue to breastfeed after their child is a year old 
In it for the long haul: In a series called 'We are not “still” nursing, we are just nursing', photographer Natalie McCain spotlights mothers who continue to breastfeed after their child is a year old.
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Boy, 2, born with THREE penises due to incredibly rare condition has surgery to remove the extra appendages

An Indian boy born with three penises has undergone pioneering surgery to correct the incredibly rare abnormality.
The two-year-old suffers from diphallia, a condition where a man is born with two penises, doctors claim.
The boy, who remains unidentified also had another undeveloped penis, described as a 'soft, bony mass',
He was only able to pass urine through one of them.The boy will be able to have sex normally and his fertility will not be affected, doctors said (file photo)
In addition, after he was born doctors discovered he had no anus.
At the time, doctors in his home state performed a procedure known as a colostomy, in which they made an incision in his stomach to let his excrement pass out through a

Meet Harry, the little boy who's allergic to WATER

For most children, bath time is fun. But four-year-old Harry Floyd used to have a very different experience; soon after climbing into the water he became covered in an angry, itchy rash across his body.
He suffers from physical urticaria, essentially a skin allergy to a host of seemingly benign triggers including water and hot or cold weather.
Recent research, published in the Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, suggests around 100,000 Britons suffer from the condition, although experts say this may be an underestimate, with many more going undiagnosed.

Lisa Floyd, 39, with her son Harry, aged 4, who is allergic to water, and hot and cold weather
The condition means patients develop a rash of small, incredibly itchy bumps (urticaria means hives) in response to a range of unusual and diverse triggers.
Many are allergic to weather, and develop hives in hot and cold temperatures, while others break out in response to exercise, or even pressure on their skin such as a bag

The Warwick Rowers pose naked for ANOTHER cheeky charity calendar (and it's their raunchiest yet)

The Warwick University Rowing Club has released its 2016 charity calendar - and it could be the raunchiest one yet.
Male students have posed nude - proudly flaunting their pert bottoms, ripped six-packs and toned thighs - in a bid to raise funds for Sport Allies, which works to combat homophobia in sport. 
The cheeky calendar has gained a strong celebrity following since its inception in 2009 and is loved by famous faces including Sir Ian McKellen, Kris Jenner, Stephen Fry and Kylie Minogue.The Warwick University Rowing Club have released their 2016 charity calendar - and it could be the raunchiest one yet
Six years ago, the rowers at Warwick University were just a middle-ranking sports club

The new visit/sex law...

Image result for couple fighting images 

tA friend of mine was constantly nagging me to visit, and anyone who lives in Lagos knows that paying anyone a visit requires a lot of serious planning, what with the ridiculous fares and unending traffic.

Bearing all this in mind, I finally agreed to go see Iyke.  I had known Iyke for some time now; we took a course in NISP together a couple of years ago, and have remained good friends till now.  I finally agreed to

Sunday, August 23, 2015

No time! Bride appears for NYSC head count in wedding gown (PHOTOS)

NYSC headcount for all Corpers in Nigeria was held yesterday and being that Saturdays are synonymous with weddings, it wasn’t a surprise that a bride showed up for her head to be counted.

The best part, people weren’t all that surprised.
you go fear na!

Fulfilling your Partner"s Fantasy

Image result for couples in bedI attended a marriage seminar recently, and a woman asked a question; she said her husband loved sex in the doggy style, even though she wasn’t comfortable with it because she felt it was sinful. Her question was this; was it wrong of her to keep saying no to her husband? Should she give in to his needs or stick her foot on the ground and keep saying no? It caused quite a stir I tell

Friday, August 21, 2015

“You can walk around the streets naked, provided your face is covered” – Muslim cleric

sh1An Australian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali, who is Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric, had stated that Muslim women are allowed to go nude, wear bikinis and mini-skirts as long as they cover their faces.

On Newsbreak report, Sheikh al-Hilali said Islam should not be out of touch with the modern day trend.

Sex in Marriage...

Image result for couples in bedOne of the most important aspects of any relationship, and one a lot of people shy away from discussing is sex, and sexual compatibility.

A lot of religions believe in waiting for marriage before having sex, which isn’t a problem. The problem is forgetting to tell them to discus it extensively before marriage.

I was listening to a radio show a couple of days ago, and the topic was “sex in marriage”.  A lot of women

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Striking Photos Of Newborn Lying Next To Mother's Caesarean Wound Gets 11.5m Views &200k Likes

This striking photograph of a mother and baby taken just three days after being born by caesarean section has taken social media by storm. Helen Aller, 29, took the black and white image of the woman and her newborn lying next to her wound.
The new mother, who does not wish to be identified, was terrified of having a C-section but wanted the