Sunday, March 16, 2014

Iraq Set To Pass New Law That Will Allow Girls As Young As 8 To Be Married

A contentious draft law being considered in Iraq could open the door to girls as young as nine getting married and would require wives to submit to sex on their husband's whim.

The draft law does not set a minimum age for marriage. Instead, it mentions an age in a section on divorce, setting rules for divorces of girls who have reached the age of 9 years in the lunar Islamic

Malaysian Official Confirms That The Malaysian Airplane Carrying 239 Was Seized

It has been confirmed by the Malaysian government that the missing Malaysian Airlines plane was hijacked.

‘When I was your age, I was married and I already had you’ - D'banj’s Dad not

‘When I was your age, I was  married and I already had you’ -  D'banj’s Dad not Happy with Him

D’banj has revealed that his father is not happy about his music career.

Even though the Nigerian star enjoyed international success with his 2012 smash hit Oliver Twist and has sold over 11 million albums in his career, he revealed that his dad remains concerned that a career in music isn’t sustainable.“’Don’t do music’ is what my father told me,” D’banj told The Voice.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

‘I asked the goat for permission’ Man arrested for having SEX with a goat

A 20-year-old man , Malam Kamisu Baranda,has been arrested by Jigawa State Police Command for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a goat at Baranda forest in Dutse Local Government Area.Vanguard reports...

    Kamisu was said to have admitted that the goat belonged to him and that he had asked the goat to made loveual intercourse with him but he was arrested by the village head of the area and handed over to the police.He explained that this was not the first time of having sex with animals inside bush because he has done it over 10  times and was never arrested. He regretted that if he knew that he would be arrested, he would have not tried it because it was the reason why he did not make love

Punch Reporter Blasts Tiwa Savage, Says She Was Irrelevant While She Was In UK

Mavin Records’ first lady, Tiwa Savage, used to live in the UK before she returned to Nigeria. Of course, over there, she was relatively unknown. She once participated in the UK’s X factor. It didn’t get her the desired fame. Tiwa was still irrelevant while she was there and therefore wouldn’t have dared to assault a UK policeman.

However, when Tiwa came back to Nigeria, her talents blew up. She became recognized, got signed under one of the leading record labels, bagged endorsement deals here and there and became a popular face. Of course, she joined the league of the A-list acts that now laugh all the way to the

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Incredible! Ladies, this bra will make your breasts 3 TIMES bigger instantly (PHOTOS)

Triple boost ultimate cleavage bra- YNaija
A lot of women are insecure about their bodies and many desire an increase in the assets that are supposed to make them “desirable”
The plastic surgery industry thrives most on women who want bigger breasts and so go through surgery to enhance their bust.
A lot of women can’t afford breast augmentation and many more are too scared to go through with it

Woman, 34, jumps out of window NAKED after being caught having SEX with 15-year-old boy (PICTURED)

A 34-year old woman who was found naked in the bedroom of a 15-year old boy was said to have jumped out of second storey window after she was caught by the boy’s furious mother.
Police say the culprit, Keri Gonzales snuck into the teenager’s bedroom and drank alcohol with him

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

‘I caught my wife cooking with her vaginal discharge’- Husband tells court

A man was arrested and dragged to court for allegedly beating his wife in Zimbabwe.
The man, Fresh Ndlovu was said to have caught his wife Pretty Sibanda sitting on a container, collecting vaginal discharge which she would have mixed with the food which was cooking as a love

Popular Lagos prophet caught having SEX with church member (Viewer Discretion, PHOTOS)

A spiritual prophet was caught pants down with a female church member in Lagos.
The prophet identified as  I.T Adewoye in his seventies is one of the  spiritual leaders in Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide, and things may turn out sour as a result of his alleged

BBA Winner Dillish Breaks up with Her Long Time Boyfriend Steven...

She has broken up with her heavy weight boyfriend ‘Stephen’,Dillish few days back deleted all his pictures from her Instagram page and he did same too…

No wonder she was spotted having Dinner with Flavor…

All the beautiful pics of herself and her beloved steven has Disappeared…Close Sources say Mr