Monday, February 6, 2012

In the villa!

  OK,its really been a while I put something down,call it sheer laziness or writer's block,but I've not written anything in a while.
  I am in the village right now and listening to radio,there's a girl droning on and on about loosing bad habits,she makes it sound as if it was as easy as loosing a wallet,i wish it was that easy(not that  i have any bad habits though). Anyway,it just occurred  to me that from January to December of 2011,i don't think i listened to the radio up to 5 times,but I've spent 2 weeks in the village,and the radio is all the company i've got,I listen to it from sunrise to sunset. The boredom here is something else,I even listen to 'ogene ndi igbo',considering the fact that i don't understand half of the things they say,it just goes to show how bored I am. Did I just hear you say 'are you not ibo?',please spare me jare,is it my fault that my parents did not teach me to speak ibo?,abeg free me jor,I get enough grief from my sister as it were-she speaks ibo fluently-anyways,that's a different story entirely.
  So here I am in my very remote village,yeah,my village is still a village by every standard and in every sense of the word,there's no light,no water and no road,I think my governor had a beef with some guy in my village,so we have no basic social amenity as punishment.
  Anyways,here I am with no TV to distract me,no friends,no proper means of communicating-I just nod and smile a lot whenever people talk to me in ibo-no fine boys,which is really annoying,at least if there was one he would have kept me company,even if it means me learning ibo in one day,its really sad o,but what can I say!
  My yeye friends keep asking me if I have found a husband,imagine me and one of these village boys! I even shudder to thinks about it(yeah you can call me snobbish and anything you like,na you get your mouth)but I cant even see myself getting married from this village,don't get it twisted o,there's absolutely nothing with my village-apart from the lack of light,road and water-I just feel like I should explore what other people have to offer. I would feel trapped if I remained in my village all my life,I don't expect anyone to understand it sha,but that's how I feel. Come to think of it,I might not even marry an ibo guy. OK OK,I think am derailing,so where was I...yes,no fine boys and no novel to read.
  The only thing keeping me sane apart from my radio is my mum's shop,at least I get to sit in it from morning To night and eat everything she sells. you should see me,i've added enough weight to form another human being.
   Please permit me to derail a little here,talking about radio,what on earth happened to  COSMO FM???? that used to be the only attraction the village held for me,i hear the government seized it because it belonged to chimaroke,serves him right for neglecting my village,but it was so so cool,I really miss DJ fx2 and hakuna matata,it must have rendered so many people jobless,i really miss it o!
I gotta run now,but I'll definitely continue to fill you in on my stay in d villa. ciao!