Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet the 20-year-old woman who cries tears of BLOOD

Doctors have been left mystified after a  20-year-old woman in Chile started crying blood.
Yaritza Oliva developed the condition earlier  this month, and now bleeds from her eyes several times a day.
Miss Oliva, who lives in Purranque, Chile,  said that the pain is ‘indescribable’, The  Sun reported.
Yaritza Oliva recently started crying blood and has doctors baffledYaritza Oliva recently started crying blood and has  doctors baffled

10 Types of Sex That May Not Be Good For You

By Brooke Dean

My new favorite show on ABC is called Mistresses. I know…sounds scandalous – and it is – and like most guilty pleasures, it involves sex. Lots of it. You have women who get too much of it, not enough of it or who get it from the wrong person, ie: NOT their husbands or someone else’s husband. While it may seem to some that sex is sex and getting it can never be a bad thing, there can be a such thing as the wrong kind of sex. Think you know the difference between healthy and unhealthy sex? See if you’ve ever participated in any of the following…and if it was good or bad for you.


There are no rules as to when a person should or should not have sex. If you’re feeling frisky after a

Photo of The Day! May God help us o!

Nowadays, people go out in public dressed like this. What's your take on this. We have to watch what we wear in public.

Kemei Olunloye calls OJB a Scam!

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Guys!! PLS!!! Don't beg me for MONEY on my page.
Absolutey NOT! I don't know you but I know 419 schemes.
First I am not a bank. You go to your banks, relatives or elected leaders. I am finding my way around this country after 35 years while u are begging me. I do not know any OJB Jezreel singer nor am I paying your school fees. All I heard when I got off the plane from Canada was everyone calling me Deportee. I antagonized gun laws in a country where black children were being gunned down and white governments were scrapping the gun registry, meanwhile being sent home bcos

Thursday, June 27, 2013

When you are big, you are Big, Star boy, Wizkid crashed his Porsche car some weeks ago and today he posted photo of a new one tagged #blessed. When you are big you are big!

As far as i am concerned, no one can tell tell you how to spend your money or what to use it for, but  it wouldn't have been a bad idea if he had given this money to OJB instead. Several colleagues of his have gone visiting, but amongst themselves, they are yet to raise the needed 15million naira

Friday, June 21, 2013

OJB Jezreel gets kidney donor, requires funding for transplant surgery

ojb jezreel
by Akan Ido
Veteran music producer, OJB Jezreel, who is said to be suffering from a kidney condition has reportedly found a donor.
OJB, also known as Babatunde Okungbowa, has been undergoing dialysis treatment at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) but would need more funds to enable him travel

Thursday, June 20, 2013

facebook Wahala!

I have a little - well not so little problem. I cant upload my post successfully on Facebook. every time  upload a post, it shows the title but the content is blank. I don't know if this is a facebook problem or if its from my feed burner, but  have tried all I can to no avail. Has anyone else suffered this problem? Please what did you do?

He Cant Function As A Human Being Again - US Doctors Give Up On Gov. Suntai

Neurological doctors treating Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State in the United States have told his family and the state government footing his medical bills the governor cannot return to normal state of mental health that would enable him to function as a governor.

Mr. Suntai first received treatment at the famous John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving to a rehabilitation center in upstate New York, both of which have reportedly given up on the chances of full recovery of Mr. Suntai.  In October 2012, he survived an air crash near Yola Airport and was flown to Germany for

Long distance relationships: 5 expert tips on making them work


“Give a little something — mail a gift, write a love song, send a balloon-o-gram, order lunch and have it delivered to your honey — just make it happen,”

Awhile ago I did a post on Long Distance Relationships and its effects on relationships. I came across this post on ynaija about tips to make your LDR work, thought i should share, although I still maintain my previous stance.

If you’re considering a long distance relationship or fall into one without much of a choice, don’t worry — there’s help on the way. We turned to the experts for some tips on how to make your long distance relationship work. Here’s what we uncovered:

Just try: 5 reasons she’s NOT out of your league

A lot of times, we might have wanted to approach a girl and probably did not because we thought she was out of our league.I came across this article here and totally loved it, and i think a lot of guys can benefit from it. Enjoy. Black couple date
A woman wants a man who isn’t afraid to take on the world head on. A woman desires the most confident man in the room.
It’s a common saying these days. All your friends are whispering it in your ear: “She’s out of your league.”
My first advice is not to hang out with these discouraging friends of yours. Secondly, she’s not out of your league.
In fact, she’s extremely obtainable. Let me explain.

Retired Inspector of Police buried alive over a land dispute in Edo

Photo: flickr
Photo: flickr
The body of retired Inspector of Police, Samuel Ekhoruyimen, 82, who was kidnapped last month has been found buried in an ‘evil forest’ near Ewudu village in Ovia North- East Local Government Area of Edo State.
Reports claim his remains suggest that he was buried alive and his body was exhumed after death and then re-buried.
Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, Zone 5, Hashimu Argungun, revealed that intelligence reports had helped to undercover agents. Sergeant Isaiah Osivwemu had also arrested one

Breaking:Sanusi Freeze Bank Accounts Of Nigerian Churches.

churches require EFCC approval before withdrawing even a kobo from their accounts with banks.
**most churches have to cancel their crusades because the fund to organise it were trapped in banks.
**one is confused at how pastors, especially in the South East, South West and South South have become sponsors and financial backers of Boko Haram from Sanusi’s directives.

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor has frozen the bank accounts of most churches in Nigeria under what his office claimed to be seeking for sponsors of Boko Haram. Many churches have been stranded since the past two weeks due to their inability to withdraw money from most commercial banks due to a CBN directive that they must provide their

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Medical Miracles: Beauty queen has quarter of her skull removed and stored in her stomach for six weeks…

A former beauty queen has undergone an incredible surgery where a quarter of her skull was removed and stored in her stomach while she recovered from a devastating head injury.
Surgeons removed the rear quarter of Jamie Hilton’s skull and placed in her abdomen so that the bone would remain sterile and nourished as her brain swelling subsided.
When the mother-of-three and former Mrs. Idaho woke up from the operation she found the large, hard lump in her stomach and a portion of her head missing.
The skull remained in her abdomen for 42 days until it was re-attached in a successful operation and now, three months after her near death experience the 36-year-old has returned home.
Jamie Hilton

Monday, June 17, 2013

This African culture remains one of the world’s most shocking

If you decide to marry into some Ethiopian ethnic groups, and you are a woman then you should get ready to consider some unique body modification.
A huge circle through the lady’s lower lip with no lower front teeth is still a sense of pride and identification in some tribes in Africa. Most times to be able to wear a lip ring, a couple of ones lower

Naked cyclists dare to go naked for a cause

Naked bike ride

Thousands of nude cyclists took to the streets worldwide to partake in the annual Naked Bike Ride on June 8, 2013. The international clothing-optional bike ride raises awareness for more environmentally friendly transportation and protests overuse and pollution from cars, is celebrated in over 70 cities, from London to Mexico to New York to Greece.
 More photos when you continue

Photo of The Day; Governor Rochas Okorocha roasting corn by the roadside


Why is Governor Rochas Okorocha roasting corn with a baby in his arm? …that’s a good question.

The Imo state governor was probably showing that he’s a man of  the people quite literally, and was

Another letter from the grave: These words of ‘an abused wife’ will move you to tears

This article titled “I Bid You Farewell by Late Dolapo Goodgod” is somewhat of a satirical piece and the author cannot be verified but it’s an incredible moving story that would bring you to tears.
Read it here:

I bid you farewell………………… ………………………..
I am grateful to God that I will rest in His bosom and I am more grateful because I have always wanted this opportunity to speak my mind even unto death. I guess you are surprised that even the dead can air an opinion; in my case I really wanted to because I

6 questions to ask yourself before ending your marriage

sad-woman (1)
One of most tortuous parts of a failing marriage is the wondering: Are things going to get better? Worse? Are they going to stay the same?

1. Do I Have A Hard Or A Soft Problem?
If you have what marital therapists call a “hard” problem, for example, your spouse is abusing you or has untreated addictions, says William Doherty, PhD, lead researcher on the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota, then you need to get out the situation immediately. But let’s say you’re like most people in a tough relationship, and, on thinking about ending things find yourself saying things such as, “We’ve grown apart,” or “We’re just not in love anymore.” That’s code , says Doherty, for another, unrecognized problem. Are you lonely or feeling isolated? Do you feel disliked, criticized or ignored? If you don’t know the specifics of what’s making you unhappy, it’s pretty hard to figure out the specifics of what will make you happy — whether these things have to do with your current partner or anybody else.

2. Am I Already Divorced?
Maybe you’re living this scenario: You stay late at the office (the real office, with desks not beds), then meet with friends for a book club or a new play downtown. Meanwhile, he goes to the gym after work; then, he watches CSI and goes to sleep long before you get home. This goes on for a few years — or 10 or 15. At that point, a divorce feels like just a formality, says Bonnie Eaker Weil, PhD, author of Make Up, Don’t Break Up . The natural assumption is: well, if we’re already split up

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'There were times I wanted to quit music; Imagine if I did” – Singer, Waje

We caught up with superstar songstress Waje who is currently basking in the euphoria of reviews for her self titled debut album. She sat down and took us through a lot; future plans, that controversial nude scene in the ‘I wish’ video and why words arent just enough.

Congrats on your album release, it took quite a while didn’t it?
Thank you. Yes it did. Ehen?

Any particular reason for the delay between your first singles and your debut album?
First of all, an album does not validate an artiste especially in the kind of market that we are in today,

Passangers in Miraculous Escape as Plane Breaks Up on Indonesia Runway

A Meripati Airlines plane landing at an airport in , Indonesia skidded off a runway Monday. The airline said some passengers were “shocked” but all survived.

Eyes witnesses said the airplane began skidding after the front wheels touched down at the El Tari

Photo of The Day!

Photo: Americanlivewire
Photo: Americanlivewire
This picture of a girl abundantly blessed has been trending on the Internet.
According to American Livewire, this image was uploaded to Reddit by user “bsbobstar” showing a

From the ladies: Top 10 annoying habits men need to kick

….men and women focus differently — and that men are likely to be distracted by what’s going on in the background.
You know that moment when your eyes widen and you think, did he really just do that? Sometimes, no matter how much you love him, your man does that one thing that just irritates the hell of you. New research shows annoying behavior can actually slow down your brain activity. So listen up, ladies, you’ve got your minds to protect. Here are 10 things you must get your guys to out the kibosh on.

1. Planning Spontaneous Trips

This might be a shocker, but we hate surprises. British Airways conducted a survey and found that not only 60% of women hate surprises, nearly a third felt unexpected trips are on their list of

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Is Refusal to Bear your Husband's name the Recent trend in Marraiges Now?

With the recent craze for marriage amongst single women these days, I’ve kinda noticed or observed a developing trend in recent marriages, it might have existed, but I think it’s now the in-thing around; women do not want to bear their