Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sad Me

Hey, hope you had a lovely night rest? I sure did myself. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because my neighbours dint put on their generator.Crazy 1 How does this affect my blogging abi? Well here is the thing; I make use of their wireless connection which comes on only when there is light, and knowing the eclectic power situation in our country, it usually means when their generator set in on. 

You might ask again why I am mooching off my neighbours, the thing is, I use a glo modem, and for some reason I am yet to understand, every time I recharge my modem, I only use it for a couple of days and then I am sent one annoying message telling me that my subscription has expired and I need to recharge again, can you just imagine the temerity of those people? As if my father is one baba olowo! You're Nuts So, I decided to let them be jare  and rely on my good and kind neigbours for internet access.

Anyway, I had a good yesterday. I wore my new dress to church and it fit me perfectly like I told you would.so here’s how I looked, beautiful  right? BouquetEverybody –well almost everybody- said how beautiful I looked in church. I went to visit a friend after church and I ate the best pepper-soup I had eaten in a very long time, then GOD answered one of prayer requests. In general, it was a lovely day for me. 

School resumed today, and I was not looking forward to it at all, but we have to pay bills, so I had to  go to work. woh, let me post this before my neigbours turn off their generator set.

I wish you all a lovely day.Thank You