Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello my country people o, I've been In such a good mood today. I don't know why, I guess its because there's no work tomorrow. Backpack

Anyway,i had a boring day at work today, I actually slept all through today,i just arranged a couple of seats together and my handbag served as my pillow. Its not because am lazy sha,its just that school is yet to resume so the students are still at home enjoying themselves,but my wicked boss insists we come to school everyday and just admire each other,and when its 1'o clock,we go home.

After school, I went to my tailors' to collect my clothes,and I felt like a kid receiving his Christmas gift. I've not sewn a dress in about 3 years, so I was pretty much excited about this one,I know its nothing to be excited about,but like I said I've been in a good mood today and more-so, its been a while since I had a new dress. That's the dress there, I know it doesn't look so beautiful from here, but it is, and it fits perfectly. Did I tell you it cost me an arm and a leg? yeah it did, tailors are so expensive these days eh,or maybe its because I've not been to one in a while

I am off to bed,i will have a busy day tomorrow, I am invigilating the on going GCE exams,and they havemaths tomorrow. its going to be a busy day for me.

Have a lovely night.Na-na-na-na