Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Forbidden Lines

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I once swore to forever forgo the memories of my inglorious days, but devastation has drenched my heart with tears of pain and these tears have become enough provocation for me to renounce my outlandish oaths.
Today, I remember the stalker who plucked my tenderness, who replaced my scent with mess and travailing odour.
My name is Alicia, the glutton that once outshined Jezebel in her harvest of wandering sheets.
I always clinch to young men days before my birthday so as to get something in return, his continued years after years until when I was to celebrate my 21st birthday. I met Matthew, a reserved young man. Our path crossed on a particular dinner night and after a mild chat, we became acquainted emotionally. Weeks passed and at the height of our relationship, he was already smooching me. Love didn't allow me set my standards and our relationship wasn’t defined so on February 13th, he invited me over to his place. Sadly, I was not conscious of his heinous plans; all I wanted was attention, friendship and plenty of gifts.
He began to wrap me into himself, with a prostrate touch and inky pecks. Warmth came from within me and I fell for his gentle firmness. At sunset, I began to prepare comfort for myself as I laid his blanket on the floor so we could sleep separately and avoid insipid regrets.
His calmness vanished, his manliness became wild just as fire outbreak that follows harmattan induced drought. After I refused all his initial advances, he slapped me and forced my cold body on his king-size Victorian bed.
I opened my mouth trying to gather words together,
"This is not our agreement", I managed to say.
The reply I got threw up the final influx which made me give up.
"I am pigeon that moves through forbidden lines, I am indomitable for your likes whose futures are as patchy fables", he said as I gave a loud painful cry at his eventual aim.
This was how a date became rape for me. This cracked door led me into becoming a chronic whore lord on a mission of eternal revenge.
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