Saturday, January 28, 2017

ABIKE (For Oluwayemi)...

YAY! My very first guest writer. This is a poem written by someone I consider immensely talented. I know you will enjoy this;

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ABIKE (for Oluwayemi).

If I search the sanctum of Ajiun
If I clamp Ogun at all of his sight
If I bark at Orunmila and the giant sun god,
I will never find sweetness of your magnitude.
If I dance around with Opele

If I spit upon the blinded glimpse of Opon-Ifa,
If I eulogise Shodeke's strides,
I will never find engrossing lures like that eyes of yours.
Let Laraoye remould the deities for his will
Let feldspar grow from deep honeycomb well,
Let Osupa beam its glows of compliment,
Let Lakuregbe entreat with his manured lips,
Let Lisabi give to you keys to his swaying strength,
Tell him, his keys are not equivalent to your endowments,
Let Ajani plant his sorcerer kiss on your lips,
Tell him kiss doesn't arouse you an inch.
The vibe you posses is like Ibidun's sweetness
Cruising the comeliness of your cheeks,
Fertilizing the seeds of glitterings...
The fairly tale of Oya to come.
I have preserved these words,
For they are meant for queens of lords.
Abike, your smile is pile
That takes away ancestral bile.
You are black rose from white holes
Hard to find, cherished to suit purpose.
You are reason Spirits takes an uplift.
Making them long for you as a perverse gift.
Irawo made advances to your glittering,
For you matched his shinning,
But you turned down his treacherous lures
Because you are lightning.
Tell Egbinola that her womanliness is incomplete,
Tell Oya that the glit she parades is a bit to your shinning.
Tell Agbalumo that the ancestral spirits no longer favour his sweetness.
Tell Aremu his palm wine doesn't intoxicate men's vigor like you do.
Tell the world, that you are beaut of no nation,
Tell them that seek your shutdown that you are light of all nations.
Tell them that you are Abike,
That star born to be handled with care.

©Sam Ajasa, 2017.

Sam Ajasa is a poet extraordinaire who is already conquering the literary world. you can contact him on;

 Facebook: Sam Ajasa
Instagram: poet_beloved