Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you Commitment Phobic?

Deciding to commit to a relationship is a really huge step.  What if you commit to one person and then somewhere along the road you find someone who you think you love better?  What if you commit to one person too fast and loose the chance of ever meeting the right person?  What if you were to meet someone richer, more handsome or more beautiful than your partner?

I’ve heard people say “we got married too fast and I think I’ve met someone who I feel a connection with” and the question I usually ask is this; were you forced to get married?  We get to make our choices in life, and most times have to live with them for the rest of our lives.

Imagine if you were taken to a phone store and told to pick just one, one which you would use for the rest of your life.  Imagine it will be a very difficult choice for a lot of people.  You have to consider the physical beauty, its battery power and longevity, and whole other things.  Some people may have no interest whatsoever in the physical attributes of the phone, but are more interested in the intrinsic qualities of the phone.

Now for someone like me, I would probably think of better phones that will come up sometime in the nearest future and how I will not be able to return my old phone or trade it in for a better one and this will make my decision making all the more harder.  However, at some point we will have to make that decision knowing that after choosing one, you might turn around and find one more beautiful, but being able to look away from that with a smile means you are on your way to being able to make that commitment.  Blessed and happy are those who will choose one for its inmost qualities and capabilities rather than its outward beauty.

It’s almost the same as making a commitment in a relationship.  You are probably wondering if you won’t one day regret your decision, but here’s the thing, no matter how long it takes for you to make up your mind, you will eventually commit to one person.  What is most important is that you make the right decision and for the right reasons, not because of the person’s physical or financial strength, but because of his/her inner beauty and strength

To be continued…