Thursday, February 7, 2013

Are You Commitment Phobic? 2

 You should always know when you make a commitment, that sooner or later you would meet someone more beautiful or handsome, richer and even more intelligent than your spouse, ask yourself if you can admire them for whatever they come with and still feel you have the best deal, if your answer is no, then you probably should not commit because you are not ready.  If your reason for commitment is based solely on your spouse’s physical attributes, then I am afraid to say, you’ve not quite gotten there yet.

Making a commitment should be a personal decision, it should not be taken for you by another person, it should not be influenced by what people think or believe it should not be rushed into and most importantly, it should not be taken out of desperation to get married, which is what happens to a lot of women nowadays.

Compatibility in a relationship should not be forgotten, do you share your spouse’s dreams and visions?  Are you able to co-exist harmoniously with your partner without wanting to strangle them in their sleep?  Are you willing to overlook or learn to live with their eccentricities without it becoming a major issue?

These are just a few questions to ponder on before you ask anyone that question, or say yes to it.  Tomorrow, we will look at a commitment quiz to help you know how ready you are for commitment.