Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To Yetunde...

Before I start, I wish to say a big happy birthdayBirthday Party Blower to Yetunde Ogunsola. She was my classmate in school and one of the people who encouraged me to keep blogging by their steady comments!  If it’s not too much stress, perhaps you can also wish her a happy birthday on face book, that’s her name there.  Happy birthday dear, may God grant you your heart desires and many fruitful years ahead.Happy Birthday

I was away for awhile as I stated in my last post, I finally got tired of waiting for my neighbours to renew their internet subscription so I decided to go back to my modem which will probably last me for a couple of days again, this time around, I will go to their head office and hold someone to ransom until they explain to me why they keep doing that.Mean

While I was away, I had been busy doing all sorts of things, one of which was helping to keep the community clean during the last environmental cleaning day.

Yes, that’s me pretending to clean gutters while actually just posing for a picture.  Did I mention that I am a member of the Red Cross society of Nigeria?  No?  Well I am.

I will post pictures of my induction on my next post. Well I have to go get ready for work now.
Do have a lovely day, and please don’t forget to drop a message for Yetunde.Thank You