Friday, October 5, 2012

My Divine Revelation!

Yay!  My neighbours finally came to their senses and renewed their internet connection, so my awuff has returned in full force.  I just got back from church now, we had a program in church which we usually have every first Friday of the month, it’s titled “showers of blessings” and it really does shower blessings from heaven.

Anyway sha, as we were being prophesied to today, the man of God specifically told us to close our eyes and see what we want God to do for us, and that we should imagine it already happening. so here’s what I imagined and claimed in faith:

I saw myself being at least 10kg lighter and walking down the aisle in a very beautiful wedding dress with Paul of Psquare –Paul is the one with dreads – on our wedding day, and then I also saw myself working in a better place than my current work place. 

Immediately I saw this divine revelation from above, I claimed it sharp sharp, but one girl like that just wanted to spoil  my revelation o, when I told her what I saw she started laughing like I was akpors and I had told her a joke.  Can you just imagine the effrontery?  Is she trying to say that it cannot happen?  Am I too beautiful for Paul?Or what is she trying to say? you know that song " Beautiful Onyinye" Beating Heartright? it was sung for me.  let her not try my God o! Woh, me I just told her to watch and see . 

Its pretty late jare, and I need to get  my beauty sleep in preparation for my wedding with Paul.
Do have a beautiful night rest and Sweet dreams.Na-na-na-na