Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review: Myne Whitman's "A Heart to Mend"

I grew up reading mills and boons and all those other over-rated romance novels, and by the age of 15, I had read every Danielle steel novel ever written (really I have).  At that age, I had gotten fed up with all of them because from the first page one could deduce what it was all about, either a cowboy who is so handsome that the sight of him would make you swoon, or the business tycoon with the sexiest body on earth and the bluest eyes ever that would just make you go gaga, heck, I felt if that was all it took, I could write a dozen of them in a sitting.

I eventually gave up reading romance novels because I felt if you have read one, then you’ve read all. Then I came across one that restored my faith in romance, one with a totally different setting  and a whole new perspective…”evbu my love” by Helen obviagheli, it was like a breath of fresh air, it was Nigerian, it was one I could relate to and even imagine myself in, it was different, it was good. Since then, I believe I have read every book she has ever written and I loved them. 

I am a romantic at heart and I can never get enough of it which is why I was thrilled beyond reason when I saw a review of the book “A heart to mend” by Myne Whitman, it’s so beautiful that I had to share it with you.  Here’s a peek of it:

 Gladys, twenty-something, has just moved to Lagos after completing her compulsory one-year National Youth Service in Enugu. She has secured an interview and test with a company in Lagos and has been invited by her estranged aunt to live with her. Edward, thirty-something self-made business tycoon, is instantly attracted to Gladys the first time he sets eyes on her. But there's a problem, Mr. Ice does not give his heart to anyone - he's had a bad past and doesn't trust anyone with his heart - but his attraction to Gladys makes him want to be around her, and have her.

They eventually get together, but Gladys and Edward have a few hiccups in the beginning of their relationship - he's closed and doesn't share much about his past; he wants to have sex, and she's not giving it up that easily Mister; he's rich and she's poor, so is she all about the money - but with time he begins to open up and Gladys is able to melt his stone-cold heart. Just when you think Gladys and Edwards relationship is going well and nothing can stop them, Edwards past comes up to ruin it all, with Gladys in the middle of it all. With his self-made business on the line, as well as his and Gladys relationship, will their love survive such an obstacle?

Lovely right?  So here’s the thing ,I want this book for my birthday! Yeah I said it, it’s in five days time,  that’s on the 18th so I am hoping a very kind hearted person would make my day and get me the book. Meanwhile, go get it for yourself.  You can also check out her blog romance meets life
You can read a free excerpt from her blog HERE

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