Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Finally it has arrived! The best day in the whole year, yes its my birthdayBirthday Wishes and I am very happy to see this day, I am really thankful to God for keeping me alive till today. Well a little downside,  I was diagnosed with severe typhoid and malaria yesterdayCrying 2, so I am a little under the weather, but even that is not going bring me down today.

 What am I doing today? NOTHING! After work, I just want to hit my bed and sleep till tomorrow, I don’t feel like partying or hanging out or doing whatever it is that people expect one to do on their birthdays, I feel like being on my own today. Funny enough, some of my colleagues at work had this ‘is something wrong with you ‘ look when I told them I was going home to sleep after work, its almost like a ritual to go somewhere on your birthday, well I am breaking it today.

Anyway, I am really excited about today because I am going to receive a special birthday gift todayBounce, on my last post, I partially reviewed a book  a heart to mend by myne Whitman, I said partially because I am yet to read the book,  I said I wished I it could be given to me as part of my birthday gift. Myne Whitman read the review and promised to send me a copy of the book herself, how cool is that!You Are The Woman So I am getting my own personal copy of the book.

Birthday shout outs to wande coal and every other person who celebrates their birthday today!Birthday Candles