Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Mr Perfect

I just thought of how I want my future husband to look like: tall-at least six ft- dark, as in deep chocolate cream colour, well built, flat stomach -no pouch or sagging heap of flesh- someone who can lift me up and hold me for at least five minutes, I want him to be as handsome as sin, have the sexiest smile ever and a little dimple when he smiles. I don’t want a beautiful man, I’d rather he be ruggedly handsome and exude male sexiness everywhere he goes. I want a patient man who will tolerate all my eccentricities with his sexy smile and deep chuckle. I want an attentive man (I love attention a lot), I want him to be caring, not overly possessive or emotional, a great cook who doesn't mind cooking occasionally, and did I mention he has to be well built? He should be playful but serious and hardworking, with a great sense of humour and a perfect command of English. He should be faithful, and most importantly, he should have money, not necessarily plenty, but enough to take care of our needs. Perfect right? Well that’s what I want and I am betting a whole lot of other girls want this too. There's just one tinny tiny problem here, I don’t know if these kind of men exist or where to find them even if they existed. Anyways, every girl has a right to her dreams, and this is mine. So am going to continue dreaming, until he comes and sweeps me off my feet! Some people might think am crazy to even think of this, but is it so wrong to want something this good? or to wish yourself the best? Abi who no like better thing? Next week, we will look at some of the dangers of wanting and waiting for this kind of men (who most probably do not exist), and why a lot of women are still single.