Monday, July 2, 2012

Winning God's Heart

Today we are talking THANKSGIVING.something happened at work and i was struck by the importance of saying "THANK YOU". Do you realize how little we give thanks to GOD,and how much we demand from him. We never actually stop to just say "thank you lord"! most of us do not know that that is the cause of so many unanswered prayers. We have been given so much by God and we never think to even appreciate him,even if its just a little. The fact that we wake up every morning is enough reason to give thanks to God.
I just imagined I was God,to see how I would feel,I know I would have stopped giving people stuffs tey tey sef! I remember a neighbor I had in school back then,Vera. she could beg,mehn,she could beg! At first I had no problem with giving her stuffs o,she begs for water,maggi,rice,salt and crayfish and then after giving her,she would say in her edo accent"abeg make I just quickly borrow that your stove take arrange the rice". that in itself was not a problem,it was the fact that she never said thank you that had me all riled up,she always felt it was her right to be given things whenever she asked for it and the funny thing was that she got really angry whenever one said no to her,eventually,I totally stopped giving her stuffs,not because I dint have,but because She never seemed to appreciate the little that was given.
That's how we are,after being given so much,we get really angry with God when he seems not to be giving us what we think we need. oh! if we only know how powerful our thanksgiving was: it opens doors and windows in heaven and pours down blessings.
If you watch Yoruba movies,and you've taken note of the praise singers,you would see how important there job is,it softens the king's heart towards his subject and he grants them their wishes probably faster than he would have.
In the words of the late Oliver D'coque "eto dike  na nke'omere eme,ome kwa ozo (pardon my horrible ibo) itsimply means,when you praise/thank a king for what he has done,he does so much more. The same principle goes for God,look am giving you expo on the easiest way to get stuffs from God.(don't tell him i told you o). lets look at biblical examples of what happened when people praised and thanked God
1. the walls of Jericho came down for the Israelite.
2.Jonah was vomited by the fish when he began to thank God.
3. remember the story of the ten lepers that were healed? only one came back to say thank you,and what happened? his sins were forgiven.
These are just a few of what happens when people thank God. you can apply the same principle to your life. try praising and thanking God for  a week,no demands,no asking or begging for anything,just thank him for the ones he has done,i believe he deserves it.
Anyways,this is my own avenue of saying thank you to God,i finally got a laptop(yaayyy) and i promised him the first post I type will be dedicated to him,so join me in thanking God for beautiful things being done in my life!