Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Girls go to Heaven...

Have you ever considered the saying “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”?  I came across this picture again after a long while and I was struck by how true this saying is.

By the standard of men, a “good girl” is one who goes to church regularly, is never seen with men, rarely wears make-up, dresses like a nun, never parties and is generally found at home when she’s not in church; while a “bad girl” is one who likes to have the occasional fun, have men visit her at home, parties and is generally more outgoing and fun loving.

The so called good girls almost never do anything out of the ordinary, they are stuck in their own routine in life and are rarely, if never open to new adventures and they never meet new people beyond their church group, yes, after living a thoroughly boring life here on earth, there is a possibility of them making heaven.

Bad girls on the other hand go everywhere, heaven inclusive.  They live well on earth; they are more open to new adventures, they enjoy life here and after living a most fun filled life on earth, there’s also a possibility of them making heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for everyone to turn bad and live terrible lives, but does constantly going to church automatically translate to being good or having a spot in heaven? Does living life a little a little on the edge mean one is doomed?

Truth is one should try to find a balance between the two; there’s nothing wrong in going to church at all, but does one have to live a thoroughly antiseptic life in order to be good?  What about your spiritual life?  How is your standing with God? 

BTW I have noticed that it’s these so called bad girls who are getting married, this is because they are more outgoing and they meet a wider variety of people.

Finally, who are we to say who is bad or good?