Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Terrible Breakups

No matter how much we have heard or we hear about a break up or some forms of breakups, it still never ceases to amaze me at how human beings who are supposed to be the smartest living beings in the world act. A friend of mine was supposed to get married sometime in September of 2012, but the wedding never held.  I always wondered why, because he really seemed to be in love with his fiancee, he bought her a ring of over 2million naira, gave her a little  over1million naira to shop for her wedding dress and other wedding accessories , he constantly used her picture, the ring or a wedding gown as his DP.

Then suddenly she disappeared from his DP, the ring vanished and the gown also stopped appearing.  The set date for the wedding came and passed with no happenings, when I asked him about it he refused to talk about it and I later heard from a mutual friend of ours that he broke it off because that girl was from a certain state.  That’s it!  Moreover, guess how he broke it off; on the phone, yes, he just called her, told her he was no longer interested because of where she was from and then he dropped the phone.  The irony of it all is that he’s from the same state!  How heartless was that, I mean if a guy is going to break up with me just before my wedding, he should at least give me a concrete reason, something like;

       “I’m sorry Onyinye, you are too fat and I won’t be able to lift you up to take a picture on our       wedding day”.  That I would and can understand

Another male friend of mine of mine got jilted by another girl he was engaged to.  Why?  She realized he was catholic.  Seriously?  When he told me, I thought he was kidding, until he assured me he was not. Now that’s just wrong and cruel.  Did she not know he was catholic all this while?  Why then accept his proposal and the ring, knowing she couldn’t marry a catholic?

I think it’s all this packaged and chemical food we eat these days is affecting them, I keep hearing of really foolish reasons why people call off relationships, and I think it’s terribly sad.

I tried to rationalize why people do this, and the only excuse or tangible reason I could come up with was that the relationship was rushed and the spouses feeling constricted and suffocated just came up with these lame and inane excuses to get out of the relationship, but if that’s the case, why couldn’t they have come up with smarter excuses?  Perhaps again, it’s because of all the chemicals in food now.
However, could it just be all an act of cowardice that people now seek the easiest way to break off relationships? Or are these really genuine reasons that just seem really silly to us normal people?