Thursday, January 10, 2013

Being Single

No matter how much we say it doesn’t hurt to be single, the truth is that it does. When you hear of a friend’s marriage, see a happy couple or read something sentimental, we sometimes wish…

Sitting at home tonight, I really wished I was married, I feel so alone and lonely even though there are people around me, a melancholic feeling which I can’t even explain fills me right now, and it just makes me wish…

A lot of single ladies might not admit that sometimes it hurts to be alone, but the fact is that when you get to a certain age, it does, and yes, you actually begin to consider that “bros” that you said no to, if for nothing else, just to have somebody to call your own. I saw a couple at an event recently and they appeared to be so in love that they seemed not to be aware of the world around them and for just a brief moment, I felt the green, ugly head of envy and jealousy stir  up in me, and then I wished…

There’s this saying that “I enjoy being single until I see a couple in love” which to an extent is true. I do enjoy being single, but sometimes, I feel like I would trade that singleness and every freedom attached to it just to have someone to call my husband.

Having said that, I refuse to let that feeling push me into a loveless marriage which is often the case too many times.  We find a lot of marriages hitting the rock because we give in to that “urge” and “need” to have someone to call our own.

I don’t know whether other people feel this way too, but as a woman who enjoys being alone, sometimes…sometime, I just wish…


  1. Onyinye, this sis really very beautiful. It is inspiring.

  2. As a 37-year old woman. i can tell you that i know what you are talking about.


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