Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Belated Happy New Year

 I wish you all a belated merry Christmas and a happy new year.  I’ve been away for a while now.  I was in my village to attend my late grandfather’s funeral, and my late grandmother’s burial ceremony.  My grandfather died way before I was born and my grandmother died a couple of months ago, but according to the “omenala” of my people, my grandfather’s funeral had to be celebrated and not just have him buried before anyone else can be buried, so I am assuming my father did not have enough funds then to properly celebrate his father, so it had to be done before my grandmother could be buried. It was really fun for me and it was such an eye opener to the customs and traditions of my people, which I did not even think we had. I was able to meet a lot of my otherwise unknown relatives and get re-acquainted with some long lost ones.

On my way back from Enugu, I was robbed and my traveling bag was stolen, thank God I had no valuable in it though.  Despite  that, I really feel it’s going to be a great year for me and a lot of people. Say a big Amen if you believe that.  

I took lots and lots of pictures and videos, here are just a few picture:

There’s me drinking “nkwocha” with my brother

 Sorry i couldn't upload more pictures, terrible network. i wish everyone a beautiful year ahead