Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Something happened at work today that got me all riled up.  It was a slow day at work and I was gisting with a colleague who told me something he overheard the guys discussing about me.
Before I start, let me tell you a little about me.  I live alone and somehow I manage to make do with my little income.  I am not dependent on my parents and have not been in a while. Because of this, the guys were wondering how I am able to take care of myself and look so good with my little income, so the general consensus was…SUGAR DADDY!

Can you believe that?  Now it’s not even the fact that they think I have or had sugar daddy that pissed me off, it was the fact that they said no single woman can ever make it alone without a boyfriend or a sugar daddy to augment whatever she earns, it doesn’t matter if its millions, there has to be a man somewhere giving here money.  Really?

Now before I begin to rant, I know a lot of women depend on men for survival, but it doesn’t mean it’s a general rule.  Have I needed the occasional help from friends?  Yes.  Does that mean I can’t survive financially without a man?  HELL NO!  I’ve realized that most guys are threatened by a woman who seem to have it all and they like to put her down, or attribute her success to themselves, but I’d like to think its men who are insecure and lack confidence who think and act that way.

Women can and have been financially independent for a long time now, and the fears and insecurities of men isn’t going to change that.  I really hope for the sake of all that is good, that there aren’t a lot of men who still think this way.