Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50 Things you should know about Me

I did this a while ago,and i had to modify it because some of my tastes have changed. so here is me @ a glance. Enjoy.

1. I dig God,HE is d center of my existence,the reason I am alive today.
2. I luv music,all kinds,especially my naija music. They just no how 2 get 2 me.
3. I have over a 200 novels n counting,yeah am crazy about novels,all kinds.(I attend parties with em)
4. I hate exams of any kind. When I become the minister of education, I'll...
5. I can eat rice n stew 24/7.
6. Am extremely beautiful,yeah,i no,i hear it all d time. Lol.
7. Dis is a well guarded secret,i no am going 2 marry peter okoye of psquare (if I ever meet him in dis life time)
8. I luv 3 colors. Black,black n black. My friends think its cos am evil. Lol.
9. I luv having fun,hate dull people!
10. Elders seem to think am rude cos i always look people directly in the eye.(please tell me Whats wrong with that).
11. Its funny,some people think am the most playful person in d world,while some think i don't no d beginning of d word play.
12. I luv singing, I'll probably never be maria carey,but i dey try.
13. My childhood dream was to be d first lady of dis country,well to be one am gonna need a president. Yet to find him.
14. I once thought i was heart broken,but i got over it d next day.(does it count?)
15. I luv meat,but i have to reduce it 4 fear of gout!
16. Nothing turns me off in a guy like bad English,its disgusting,especially wen he thinks he's just IT!
17. I hate it wen guys think they r God's gift 2 women just cos they're fine. Its crazy!
18. Before i hang out wit a guy,he must be fine,a sharp dresser n wit a sense of humour!
19. I have a perfect picture of my future husband,in case d peter plan fails. Lol.
20. I luv jeans,i wear it 2 school,work,everywhere. I have all kinds of em. I luv whoever invented jeans!
21. I hate maths and anything related to it!
22. I totally hate school,i think its a means created to waste d first 24yrs of our lives!
23. My greatest fashion statement is my makeup,n my hair.
24. I like money.(yeah say wot u want,who doesn't like it)
25. Am not really into jewelries,actually am not into em at all.
26. I luv d simple things of life!
27. Am very photogenic n i have d best smile ever because of my very sexy lips!
28. I luv kids,gonna have loads of them. Lol.
29. I don't do flowers,so guys don't waste your money,buy me credit instead.*winks*
30. I've always wanted 2 visit Venice n Malaysia.
31. I never forget birthdays,so i wonder how people always forget mine. Na wah o!(its October 18,just in case your wondering)
32. I luv taking long walks,it helps clear my head.(i heard its exercise)
34. I think am romantic. If d mood is right.
35. Am hydrophobic.
36. I have 3 teddies. I don't think they'll want their names made public,they're kinda shy.
37. Am not as stubborn as i like to think i am,although people think otherwise.
38. I like romantic guys.(yeah i no, i no,dis shit is over rated),and he should be occasionally spontaneous.(note d occasionally).
39. I don't do ice cream,its kinda too cold,i really don't see wot d attraction is anyway,its just water,colour n sugar!
40. I hate work,am kinda  lazy.
41. I absolutely cannot do without my phone,no sir!
42. I rarely get angry,i guess am jus really nice.
43. Am a very gud listener.
44. I dey speak english die,i mean wot do ya expect,i studied d language for 4 yrs!
45. I hate Osaze Odemnwingie. he was supposed to be my future husband,then he went and married some white girl. *hiss*
46. I totally do not do alcohol.
47. I hate ironing,dats why i wear jeans n tops. They do not really require ironing.
48. I get bored easily.
49. Am going to become a star,its not an option!
50. I totally rep Naija. Yes boss!

Ps: arsenal rocks!