Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the villa 3

thats me duecing
   I just realized right now that I am slowly and gradually turning into a proper "village" girl,I don't mean that in any derogatory way,its just that 98% of the women I've  met since coming here wear their hair net day in day out,and it just hit me that mine has not left my head for the past four days. I go everywhere with it,and it doesn't even bother me,because i seem to blend,who would believe it,i mean,in Jos,I don't even go beyond the gate of my house with net on my head,not to talk of letting strangers see me with it. To be fair to myself though,i remove it every now and then to let my hair breathe.
   Secondly,i don't feel the need to 'dress up' when I go out,I just go in whatever am wearing at the time,with or without make up,its actually really cool.
   Ehe,before i forget,I don't know if its only my village that is ridden with these cursed,despicable,God forsaken sand flies. They seem to be everywhere and are really wreaking havoc to my extremely beautiful skin. The annoying thing is that they are so tiny and almost invincible to the naked eyes,so you don't see them f lying around or anything,you just feel that itch after they have done their thingy and then you are left to itch and scratch  like crazy. I already have enough wounds on my hands and legs all from itching my body. You should see my really sexy lips,they are now twice their normal size.
   I know you are wondering to yourself and saying "she never hear of insect repellent?" Believe me,Ive tried it,and it seems they were even more attracted to the repellent,because i had more bites than I've ever had. The worst part of it is that,the repellent is Vaseline like,now imagine plastering myself with it in this Vaseline unfriendly weather and still have the little devils at me. Anyways,i guess I ll just bear it for the duration of my little stay in the villa. Gotta run now.