Tuesday, March 6, 2012


      Now back to my mother's shop,sitting here all day,i see all kinds of people,dresses and what not,but the most amusing fact is that 80% of the people do not wear foot wears. Its so funny,and am actually beginning to think the people in my village have an aversion for foot wears,or there's an unwritten rule that says "thou shall Walk barefooted in this village". this rule applies to everyone from the young to the old,you can actually see people walking bare footed(abi is it barefeeted sef)with their shoes on their head,and even I wonder why they bother to carry it at all.
    Two days ago,a woman came to buy something with her baby who is barely five - before i go further,let me say that the sun that shines in my village is totally different,because it seems to shine with a venom,like say person send am come,the ground is sandy and soft so you can imagine how hot it is - anyways,this woman came with her little baby,and when they were leaving, I saw that she was holding the child's brand new slippers,and he was walking barefoot,it was so so ridiculous, and i am wondering to myself,why on earth did she even buy it in the first place,or why did she bother carrying it from her house? anyway,I guess they are very comfortable like that,so why am I here drinking panadol for people who are not even complaining of headache sef.
   Talking of boredom,my phone battery is so low,there's no place to charge it and I've not facebooked in ages. Wow,I wonder how am even surviving it. Even if there was light to charge the phone,MTN network here is so erratic,that it actually puts the erratic nature of the Nigerian government to shame,its really annoying. Gosh,i can imagine all the fine boys...and girls...that are just dying to talk to me and they cant,poor things! So,I have just my thoughts for company,and they are running pretty wild right now,I've been thinking about how good it will feel to be Mrs Osaze Odemwingie,now don't you dare laugh,after all na me get my mind,I can think or imagine what i like!
   All this rambling is making me really hungry,I wonder what I'll eat in this shop now,let me see...what have I not eaten..malt,minerals,viju,biscuits,nah,I've eaten enough of those to last me a while. Jeez,I've gained so much weight,its going to be hell loosing it. sha,let me eat something sharp sharp before momsy or my siblings come to catch me,because then,I'd have to pay for it.