Sunday, December 20, 2015

My One Chance Experience 2 #teamsnoop#

I decided to skip my regular morning mass in favour of a movie today. Wrong, I know,but PHCN choose that time to restore power, and I was really fagged out from yesterday's galore...long story.

In this movie, the lead actress was a strong member of the #teamsnoop# camp. The actress just discovered she was dating the "king of dogs", and it triggered a memory in me.

A couple of years ago, I used to be strong advocate o
f the "mind you business" camp, until the holy spirit led me to believe otherwise.

One day,my "fiance" had just stepped out without his phone, when his cousin sister called. Now, the call wasn't a problem, what seemed curious, was the fact that his 'cousin's' call back picture was one of a nude girl. So out of curiosity, I picked the call, and yes, she was his 'fiancee'...too.

For the first time in 3 years, I decided to go through his phone, and OMG! Did I get the shocker of my life! Yes, I got more than I bargained for.

According to his messages and social media, he was having regular sex with over 10 girls all over the country ( he travelled a lot because of the nature of his job). There were nude pictures, phones sex, and promises of marriage even as recent as the day before.

There was one particular message that stood out from his "sister". She promised to be a good wife to him, even as he remained a good husband to her.

Ah! I realised I had entered what Lagos folks refer to as "one chance"... well what happened next is story for another day.

So, to an extent, I could relate with the actress. I could understand the need to 'know', that urge to satisfy a restless and troubled heart. 

My friend's husband is an obsessive snoop. He goes through her phone the moment he steps into the house, and questions every little thing he finds, and I see it gradually destroying their marriage.

When snooping  becomes obsessive, it becomes destructive because trust is lost. At that stage, every call or message becomes a cause for high blood pressure.

So even though I don't think it should become a habit, a little 'snoop' every now and then doesn't hurt anyone... so long as it doesn't become an addictive habit.

Have you ever had a reason to snoop?