Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Robbing Peter to pay Paul...

Sometime last year, I went to see my friend Joy, she was wearing low cut.  During our school days, she was one of those girls who wore their hair like a badge of honour, she had one of the longest and fullest hair ever! When I
asked why she had it cut, she said her husband had done something or another, I can’t remember, and before he came back from work, she had chopped off her mane of hair just to annoy him. Smiley is sleepy

Well she succeeded, because he refused to eat at home for a while, and he told her to find a way to get her hair back to its former glory before he would even consider a reconciliation. However, considering the fact that she was pregnant when I went to visit, I guess she found other ways of apologizing to him, if you get my drift.  Last week my friend Iya happy cut her hair because she thought her husband wasn’t paying enough attention to her, and, well, she got his attention, but…Grrr. Smiley's angry

I asked why she did it, and she gave almost the same answer Joy gave, she needed to do something that will really hurt him, and my first retort was “so you cut your hair?  Couldn’t you have thought of something else, like over salting the food, or, I don’t know, something else, why your hair???A confused smiley

I was at my hair dresser’s today, and the first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a low cut, which was rather surprising because she was one of those women who never joked with their hair, even though she barely had any.  I asked with one of the few Yoruba word I know “Iya Afeez, kilode, why you cut your hair?” and her answer shocked me…”my husband vex me!”Smiley is shocked

Eh?  I exclaimed, perplexed.  She said she had had a serious headache some weeks back and told her husband about it, but he didn’t respond.  She told him about it again the next day, and he still said nothing, so she cut her hair to annoy him… and she succeeded.  I’ll leave the tale of his reaction for later. Feel the heat

While I was there, I was chatting with a male friend, and I told him I was getting a haircut. He dint think it was funny at all, he had to call to make sure I was joking.

It got me thinking, do husbands place that much value on their wives hair?  If it’s so important to them, why do they not appreciate it more?  Moreover, for the wives, aren’t there other ways of getting a husband’s attention other than mutilating your hair?  Are you not paying a costly price too?

Personally, I think its pyrrhic victory, not worth it at all!