Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fulfilling your Partner"s Fantasy

Image result for couples in bedI attended a marriage seminar recently, and a woman asked a question; she said her husband loved sex in the doggy style, even though she wasn’t comfortable with it because she felt it was sinful. Her question was this; was it wrong of her to keep saying no to her husband? Should she give in to his needs or stick her foot on the ground and keep saying no? It caused quite a stir I tell
you, which led to a little debate. But finally, the pastor in charge said that so long as it dint desecrate their bed and God had no issues with it,  (like anal sex), she could give it a try.

He spoke at length about spicing things up in the bedroom, as opposed to sticking to the generic missionary position, meeting your partner halfway in their needs; so long as it is something you are both comfortable with and other things. He said it reduces cheating in marriages, especially in men.

This reminded me of a movie I watched, where a man wanted his partner to pee on him in bed, she refused of course, and it caused a serious problem, which eventually led to the demise of the relationship.

A lot of people have weird sexual needs.  Some like S&M, B&D, rimming, domination, and a host of sexual desires. A friend told me that her husband wanted a threesome for a birthday present, said it was something he had always fantasized about.  She was so shocked and repulsed at his request, and out rightly gave an emphatic NO to his request. The problem is, even though she loathes the thought of another woman in her bed, she worries that he would get it elsewhere.  Therefore, she’s considering it and simultaneously praying he gives it up.

I told her she had no business even considering it, since she wasn’t comfortable with it, and her husband should respect her enough not to pressure her about it, if he held their marriage in any esteem.

The question is; how far are you willing to go to fulfill your partner’s fantasies?