Friday, July 12, 2013

Femi Kuti Gives Guys 10 Conditions To Date His Daughters

Hey guys, if you have your eyes on Femi Kuti's daughters or you know someone who is "dying" to have any of his daughter as his woman, then caution is the word.

See the rules to marry Femi Kuti's daughter below:

1) Get A Job

2) Understand I don't Like You

3) I’M Everywhere

4) You Hurt Her, I Hurt You

5) Be Home 30 Minutes Early

6) Get A Lawyer

7) If You Lie to Me, I will Find Out

Cool She is my Princess, Not your Conquest

9) I don't Mind Going Back to Jail

10) Whatever You do to Her, I will do to you

I am so loving this, i think I'll send a list to my father.