Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Men, Here Are The List Of Things We Find Unappealing About You- Women

When a woman loves, she loves whole-heartedly. And when a woman hates… Well complete it.

Men aren’t the only ones who get turned off by some attitudes or behaviours in their spouses, women feel this way too and even though she might not voice it, she does feel it.

If you do any of the things listed below as a man, then it is time to change cos your woman is certainly not feeling it…

~Noise making: just as a man loves his woman to act like a lady, a woman also loves her boo to act
like a gentleman. If you aren’t a bus driver/conductor then why in God’s name do you act like that behind the wheels? Why do you yell at every passing vehicle in traffic? Why do you raise your voice in public? Why do you create unnecessary attention to yourself wherever you go? What’s wrong with you? If your spouse isn’t a pepper seller or a local woman from your village, then trust me, she’s hating that part of you deep inside.

~Dressing: oh trust me I have seen grown men sagging. And I always wonder, are they out of their freaking minds? I have also seen grown men, walk around in clothes Wiz kid and Davido (and the rest of the music gangsters wear) would wear and it seriously makes me wonder.

You know why Wiz kid dresses the way he does? Well cos he’s wiz KID. And Davido says he’s 20 so yes, he’s still allowed to dress however.

You see my friend, when you are grown, everything including your style grows with you. You ditch the Kanye like gangster clothes for Jay Z/Dare art Alade like clothes. Yes, clothes for grown ups become your style. You ditch the saggy jeans for a clean-cut suit and dress like a grown up.

Women love that. Women love grown up men. Dressing like an adult is what is appealing to a woman.

~Dirty men: some men can wear the same underwear for days without washing them. How far na?

~Liar: a man who lies is unattractive to a woman. No woman wants to have to check everytime to know if her man is being truthful or not. There are so many important things in life that one has to worry about. A lying man shouldn’t be one of them.

~Drunk men: no woman wants a man who hangs out with his friends, gets drunk and starts acting irrational. That’s childish, that’s ridiculous and that’s unappealing.

~Overprotectiveness: yes, a woman wants you to care. No, a woman doesn’t want you breathing down her neck everytime. She needs you to trust her, back off already.

~Promiscuity: no woman in love wants to share her man. None whatsoever. If as a man you can’t keep your hands off the cookie jar, a woman would find you too risky to be with. And can you blame her?

Got this from Ladun's Blog