Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shaving of Hair; a trend in Nollywood.

This afternoon, I saw on one of the blogs that nollywood actress Chika Ike was paid 5million naira to cut her hair.  This is becoming a trend in nollywood, first it was Mercy Johnson in ‘Heart of a widow’,

and then Uche Jombo in ‘Holding Hope’, then Nuella Njubigbo, and Oge Okoye, and Then 
Adaora Ukoh in ‘Thy Kingdom come’. Now we have actress Chika Ike joining the list

My hair has really been troubling me lately, my hairline is receding, my hair has lost body and has not grown in a while, and every time I put a comb in it, I cringe when I see what follows.  It’s so frustrating, and in my not-so-lucid moments, I have entertained thoughts of cutting it and just starting over again. 

These people are paid millions of naira just to cut off their hair, how I wish someone would just come offer me only fifty thousand naira right now, I will cut my sharp sharp sef.