Monday, March 25, 2013

Facts for the Day...

I am starting a new segment titled “Facts and Quotes for the day”. We get inspirational quotes to take us through the day and exceptional facts you may not have know to end the day with.

Facts for today:

1.       You can keep your scalp clean and hair stronger and cleaner if you add vodka to your shampoo and apply it during a bath!
2.       Stress dwarfism is a psychological disorder which does not let you grow in height and weight when you are over-stressed!
3.       90% of people between ages 18 to 29 sleep with their phones in or next to their bed and it’s the first thing they pick up when they wake up!
4.       There is an ingredient used in anti-wrinkle and soothing cream which is chemically similar to the human sperm!
5.       When a dog urinates on you, it could be a sign of submission!

Those are our facts for today.