Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrating Love...

I attended a Yoruba traditional marriage ceremony yesterday, and it was my first time. The contrast between the Ibo ceremony – which I am used to – and the Yoruba ceremony could not be over stated. They are both beautiful in their own ways, I really love the way the groom was made to “do-bale” before his prospective in-laws to show his humility, then he was made to produce one of every Nigerian naira denomination to show that he was financially capable of taking care of his wife.

 The part I loved the most though was the reading of the application letter written by the groom to the bride’s parent. In it, he stated his intention to marry their daughter and solemnly promised to take care of her if given the opportunity to marry her, it was really beautiful and enlightening, i wonder how many other unique practices we have in Nigeria. here are some of the pictures;

the application letter

the lovely couple

the lovely me
yeah, i was part of the brides maid. I m getting really tired of being a bridesmaid sef, i wonder when i will be a bride!