Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Banky W replies fan on the sizeof his head...

Before I ever got to hear any song by Banky W, I already knew about the purported immensity of his head; it’s been the butt of many a jokes for comedians and probably a constant source of irritation for him.  Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about his head.  I have seen him once, and I thought I would see a big head first, then a body following, but he was as normal as the next man.

Even if he did have a big head, I think contained in there is a brilliant and intelligent mind.  I became a fan of the R and b crooner when he wrote a reply to Rueben Abati, it’s probably cliched of me to say that I never thought a musician could be that intelligent, seeing as a lot of the song produced in Nigeria have no discern able lyrics, and are filled with gibberish nonsense, but he made me re-evaluate how I thought of them.

Banky W had some free time on Sunday, away from home and work, and decided to spend it with fans on Twitter.

He got cozy with fans answering all questions and replying to all mentions as much as he could; mostly lauding him for a great work done on the still-selling R&BW album.

What caught my eye however was the part where a fan asked Banky W; “Do you ever get tired of hearing how handsome you are?”

I’m sure ‘@TheNubianQween was disappointed at Banky’s response. She’d be expecting something sweet, or just a ‘thank you’, but Banky W replied with; “I get tired of hearing how big my head is.”

I’ve heard folks say in the past that Banky wears a cap always because he’s got a big head. Come on guys!

I sure don’t blame him for that answer; I imagine that he must have gotten fed up with the constant jabs taken at his “head size”.  My advice to him would be;

 “if you wear the hat to cover your head because of what people say, then there’s no need to sweetie, because you look good with or without the hats, but if it’s just a fashion statement, then carry go my brother”!