Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sex Scandal of The Year!!!

Going through my blog today, I checked how many views each post had and I realized that the ones with the not so “catchy” caption did not really generate so many views.  Why do you think that is?  People are attracted by the caption of an article before they even deign it fit to read it, they are drawn by the title of, be it a novel or a movie, and this somehow determines what its sales will be like.  No wonder The Sun newspaper sold like crazy when it was first established in Nigeria, boy, do they know how to get the attention of readers, they knew the secret to bigger and better sales; A catchy caption!  They had the most ridiculous and eye-catching headlines ever, you may even hate the paper or have no interest in it, but you buy it nonetheless to find out the stories behind the headlines.

The same way many people will click on this post to find out more details about the caption.  I’ve had posts where I generated up to 800 comments and some that generated a miserly 70 or 80 visit, the last post is probably something that appeals to a lot of women, so they might want to find out what the post is about, why is that?  The caption appeals to the mind; it’s as simple as that.

I decided carry out a little experiment with this post and see how people react to it, I was going to title it “what’s in a caption” or “the power of a good caption”, but nobody, or probably a few bored people will click on it, so I decided to use the current caption to see how many visits I get.  Dubious right?  Yeah, I know.  Funny thing is that by the time a couple of people read the first few lines and realize it has no relationship with the content, they will probably ignore the rest.

We are most times morbidly attracted to death stories, sexually stimulating stories about the downfall of other people and other perceived “juicy stories”.  Anyway, let me wait and see how many visits this post gets and I can assure you that it’s not because of the content.  IT’S ALL IN THE CAPTION!!!