Saturday, April 28, 2012


So i've been thinking a lot whether i am jinxed or not,i know i know,its not exactly something normal people think about,but am sure u guys realize by now that am not normal. jokes apart though,i realize that i've never won anything in my life,and believe me its not for lack of trying. I participate in almost every promo known to man,every contest available,in short everything u can think of,but i've never won any,even TV game shows,yet to get invited for any!!!!! so it got me thinking about my grandmother,and if she had anything to do with it,so i can go and tell her to undo it,or else...
anyway,i went on the net to see what it had to say about being jinxed,and i got this. happy reading,and tell me what you think.

The definition of "Jinx" according to Webster: Person or thing of ill-omen; to bring bad luck
JINX: Many people spend their life enduring bad luck and don't understand why. Even honest, ethical people who abide to the highest principles of good virtue have bad luck. The worst part is, they continue living their lives hoping something will change without them having to take any action. Many beautiful young girls and handsome young bachelors find themselves consistently involved in bad relationships with the wrong people. They just can't seem to find the right man or woman. They always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why? What has gone wrong? Have they been jinxed? It is possible to become jinxed even if you don't believe in it. People think because they pray or go to church, nothing will happen to them.
How do you become jinxed: Some people jinx themselves just by wearing a cross around their neck. A cross, according to Webster's definition, is a symbol of suffering, affliction, tribulation, and misfortune, then why would you wear such a sign around your neck? First of all, let's look at whom the figure on the cross represents. Jesus Christ, was a humble man, who told his followers that in order to walk in his path you must give up all earthly belongings, be willing to suffer for others, and turn and give the other cheek. People who are supposed to wear crosses are nuns, priests, and people of the clergy vowed to celibacy. Indeed they have no earthly possessions, and are supposed to be carrying the sins of mankind on their backs. Unless you are in that category you need to put the cross away, and find something else to wear around your neck. Often when you do that, things will start improving, but you usually have to do more to reverse that energy you've been carrying along with you all these years!

Most people are not aware of the amount of influence they assert on another just by saying one word. The human brain is a powerful weapon. The combination of mind and mouth can result in catastrophic consequences. A father or mother should never curse their children. You should never discipline your children with sandals, shoes or a broom! The closer a person is to you, the more power their thoughts can influence your life. For example, people that are your friends are inside your circle of trust; they can and do influence your life. Having a false friend around you that you are unaware of is worse than a powerful enemy of whom you are aware. False friends will "bad mouth" you behind your back, or curse you because of jealousy. False friends can and will jinx you!
Doing things to upset people will eventually jinx you. Cursing or using obscene language will jinx you. Trying to harm someone that did nothing to you can jinx you.

Magical jinx? Indeed you can jinx yourself by improper use of magic, some people practice magic without even being aware of it. Anytime you are calling a spirit or a saint to help, you are doing magic. Understand, anyone not living in your dimension is a spirit. Unfortunately, sometimes when calling to a specific spirit someone else shows up and pretends to be the one you were calling. Often, even the spirit you think as a good one carries with him what is called a veil (in magic terms the veil of Isis) and after the spirit leaves the energy stays with you. I'm sure you heard of people that prayed so hard to Jesus that they became stigmatic! At certain time of the year they would bleed from the hands feet without any natural explanations. It is almost the same things that happens to people that become empaths. Do you actually think it's a gift to feel the pain of a crucified spirit? Even if you can cure other people after receiving such a curse, have been jinxed! That is why when calling any kind of spirit, a magi takes many precautions to prevent such things from happening to him! To heal others you don't have to suffer pain if you have the proper knowledge. Many others trying to raise Kundalini end up with all kids of physical health problems that medical doctors can't diagnose. They jinxed themselves to spend the rest of their lives in unnecessary pain! We could go on and on.

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The next stage is you loose your abilities to sleep well. Some people have unpleasant dreams. Most don't remember their dreams at all, or have a hard time falling asleep. Someone can also put curse on you and although you have no family related medical problems, now the doctors say you have cancer! Arthritis, uncommon skin rash, diabetes, high blood pressure!
Another sign of being jinxed is suddenly feeling tired even though you went to the doctor and he could find nothing medically wrong with you. Sooner or later you will be diagnosed schizophrenic, with arthritis pain. Are you always in the wrong place at the wrong time; getting traffic violations, running into things, constantly getting colds, chills, fever, or feeling fear for no apparent reason. Some people even get dizzy spells and black out.
Other indications of a jinx is that you may find that people in general are not friendly to you, you have a hard time finding a job, or you are in the same job for so many years and are not getting any promotions, even though you are a hard worker. Even working two jobs and not getting anywhere, or getting diseases, allergies, cysts or pimples that you never had before. Are all signs of being jinxed.

A family jinx? You could have a family jinx when people in your family start dying for no apparent reason. Not old people, but young ones. Their ages ranging from mere months old to about thirty-two. The deaths are usually violent and unexplainable, and they occur almost every year or every other year. Or, the family starts to consistently lose money, significant amounts of money. This scenario usually occurs in wealthy families. In cases such as these, someone probably made a pact with a spirit, or promises to a spirit. Most "pact spirits" do not have to be paid or fed for years, sometimes centuries. The person or persons who made the pact usually dies before transferring the conditions of that pact to their children. Many times the children don't even believe that such things are possible. They go on living for generation after generation and the pact is eventually forgotten. The spirit that the pact was made with doesn't necessarily have to be a bad or malevolent spirit. The concept that most people don't understand is that spirits or saints are just like people. When you promise them something or start giving, or doing something for them every year they always expect it. This concept is easier to understand if you think of it in terms of feeding an alligator. Once it is fed by humans, it always expects it, when the humans stop feeding it, the alligator will start feeding on humans!

personally though,i don't agree with most of the stuffs written there sha,what do you think?