Thursday, November 18, 2010

Makin up my mind

Ok,i finally took a decision-I AM GOING TO START WRITIN!-am goin to be a writer,even if its d last thing i do. Jus read Oladele Babalola's notes on facebook and i became challenged,i mean do i always have to read what others wrote?(i read a lot,well i read everything i come across)cant mine also be read?
Yeah,maybe i'll never be a good writer,but i'll be damned if i dont try. Saw a friend's write up about his dad on facebook today,awww,it was so sweet,he has a way with Words,he's probably as good in...(coughs).
So what he nobody is going to read this,at least an writing something,people dont jus wake up and become great writers,they start one day from somewhere,well it actually starts wit a pen and paper-and laptop these days-or is it wit the thought,i dont even know sef,it starts wit one of them sha,and i've got at least two of em. It may lack coherence at first,but it will pick up wit time and begin to make sense-at least a little-so long as you get the gist.
As for what inspired me to start blogging,i jus went throug Kalu Ikeagwu's blog and it was so beautiful and witfull so... I've had a very terrible day,i wish i could jus kill someone-particullarly my father-or talk to someone.
Well,this is going to be my outlet for those emotions,i'll also write about trivial things,things that happened to me and so on.
God,thanks for d will. Oladele,thanks for d inspiration and kalu... Well,thanks.
Naija,here i come!